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The Garden Party - Hanro Smitsman - Netherlands

The Garden Party (Netherlands, 2012) by Eurochannel

garden party

garden party

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The Garden Party (De laatste reis van meneer van Leeuwen, 2012)

Director: Hanro Smitsman
Cast: Ronald Top, Mike Reus, Frits Lambrechts, Rosa Reuten


Memory is what keeps us aware of who we are, who is our family and who are our friends. But nature is capricious and sometimes there is a point when memories seem to start fading away. Eurochannel invites you to live the drama of a man dealing with the sickness of his father in The Garden Party.

Directed by the Golden Bear winner filmmaker Hanro Smitsman, The Garden Party tells the story of Van Leeuwen and his son Ernst when the first is diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer's. As the illness and the plot develop, the son struggles to maintain his father healthy and to keep in good terms with his brother. But the drama waits for unexpected happenings.

By dealing with the scars that can be opened in real families because of mental illnesses, and how to deal with them, the draws a light of hope to those in such situation, and a wise advise.


Dutch fruit farmer Van Leeuwen (Frits Lambrechts) is diagnosed with advanced Alzheimer's. His eldest son, lawyer Ernst (Ronald Top), arranges to have him admitted in a residential home. Ernst's shy brother Nico (Mike Reus), who stayed on to take care of dad and the farm, made a mess of it business-wise. Meanwhile traumatic memories rekindle and dad sort of organizes a riot, demanding an excursion to his orchard.

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