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good neighbor

good neighbor

good neighbor

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The Good Neighbor (Unter Nachbarn, 2011)

Director: Stephan Rick
Cast: Maxim Mehmet, Charly Hüebner, Petra Schmidt-Schaller


To move houses is always a complex endeavor,and it is difficult for some to make an acquaintance with the new neighbors. But when one is welcomed with sincere open arms by the people next door, nobody expects it will go wrong. Eurochannel invites you to enjoy a dramatic thriller that reveals the darkest side of friendship in The Good Neighbor.

The Good Neighbor is the feature film debut of German director Stephan Rick, known in his homeland for directing a successful children’s television series nominated for the International Emmy Award. The movie follows a journalist, David, who becomes close with his new neighbor, Robert. Onenight, things go out of control when David accidentally kills a young woman. Willing to protect his new friend, Robert helps to hide the evidence but things get odd when Robert will stop at nothing to keep his new friend from being taken away.

Premiered in competition at the 2011 Shanghai International Film Festival, The Good Neighbor accomplished its purpose of being a heart-stopping drama, and was acclaimed by the press for its deep and thrilling scenes. A cold psychodrama and edgy thriller filled with moral anxieties and suburban violence, it was praised by BadischesTagblatt, who wrote that the film was a “debut with Hitchcock feeling!”

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy a tense cinematic thriller, to share the dark secret of a murder and to reflect on how you could live when you know you are guilty ofthe death of another person.How strong is the temptation to carry on as though nothing has happened?


The budding friendship between two very different neighbors takes a tragic turn when David (Maxim Mehmet) runs over a young woman and causes her death. At Robert's (CharlyHüebner) insistence, David leaves her lying in the road and flees. While Robert hopes his new neighbor will now be irreversibly bound to him, David is increasingly devoured by feelings of guilt. When he meets Vanessa (Petra Schmidt-Schaller), the sister of his victim, he believes he can put things right. But he hasn't taken Robert into account. Robert is prepared to do anything to keep his neighbor to himself. 

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