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The Greek Affair (La sindrome di Antonio, 2016)

Cast: Biagio Iacovelli, Queralt Badalamenti, Antonio Catania
Director: Claudio Rossi Massimi
Genre: Comedy


Antonio is a man who dreams of a better world. He also longs to know the place where modern philosophy began: Greece! As he travels to the land of his dreams, he will not only find a mesmerizing history but also a torrid romance. Eurochannel premieres The Greek Affair, an uplifting road movie that will take you to the most unexpected places across Greece!

The Greek Affair follows the story of Antonio, a guy who believes that to understand a man and his ideas, one must travel to the place where he created them. As he is unable to convince his friends and girlfriend, Antonio sets on a lonely journey to discover Plato’s Cave, amongst many other myths.

Onboard of a Fiat 500, Antonio takes us to a promenade across Athens and its eye-catching monuments, mouth-watering cuisine, and good-looking women. It is precisely a woman that would change Antonio forever… Maria turn’s Antonio’s world upside down as he discovers true love for the first time.

Reminiscent of Woody Allen city films collection (Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Midnight in Paris and To Rome with Love), The Greek Affair offers a unique vision of the doubts and existential frustration of a generation. The film is also very efficient in delivering heart-moving emotions through its music score, including modern pop classics like Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson,” The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love,” and Paul Ryan’s “Eloise.”

Eurochannel welcomes you to a unique journey through Greece to discover a man’s dreams and the magic of finding true love for the first time!


1970. Antonio leaves Rome and drives to Greece longing to discover its many secrets. His summer adventure quickly turns into a romance when he falls in love with an alluring Greek girl...

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