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The Heiress (Naslednitsa ponevole, 2018 - present)

Cast: Anastasia Ivanova, Vladislav Nikityuk, Alexander Kryzhanovsky
Director: Taras Dudar
Genre: Drama, romance, adventure
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 8
Length: 60’


Sofia suddenly finds out that she belongs to an ancient aristocratic family with its roots going back to the monarchy. She is now extremely rich, but the news comes with great danger. Eurochannel premieres The Heiress, a new exciting series about power, greed, and betrayal!

The Heiress follows the story of Sofia, a normal young woman with a dull life. She has lived with her sister but shares her time between the university and helping her mother at their hotel. Sofia’s work is as uninteresting as her everyday life: she impersonates a princess in a historical entertainment performance for kids. One day it all changes forever!

This 8-episode drama series is a riveting modern take on the classic Cinderella story. While living her normal life, Sofia also longs for true love - an impossible as she falls for her archeology teacher. When Sofia becomes the heir of a Royal house, a life of luxury, wealth, and success, awaits her. This new reality, however, also makes her become the target of lethal and ruthless enemies.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy a fascinating story full of plot twists, action, and romance. Will Sofia change with her new reality as a royal princess? Will she survive to those who begin to haunt her for her newly-found wealth and position? Don’t miss any episode to find the thrilling answers!

Episode 1:

Sofia is a student and has a part-time job as a "princess" at the city's amusement park to earn money for an archaeological expedition to Turkey. In the meantime, the oligarch Yuri Korolenko concocts a scam, and its central figure will become Sofia, the last of the Izyaslavsky family.

Episode 2:

Yaroslav brings Sofia to see his grandfather but accidentally discovers that she is the heiress of Yuri Korolenko and his entire business empire. Frightened that he would lose everything, Yaroslav plans to send Sofia to Turkey until he understands this new reality.

Episode 3:

Yuri convinces Sofia that his property and business belong to her. It turns out that Sofia is not only incredibly rich, but she is also the only heiress of the ancient royal family from the Rurik people – the Izyaslavskies, and Yuri has been looking for her throughout all these years.

Episode 4:

Sofia receives a message which reads: “Don’t trust Yuri. Run before it’s too late”. Now it is time to discover the truth behind her new reality.

Episode 5:

Sofia is in hospital after the car crash. Despite her condition, Yuri still forces her to give a press conference with life-changing revelations.

Episode 6:

Still upset after the press conference, Sophia resists believing that her father was a criminal. She decides to find out as much as possible about his life.

Episode 7:

Sofia escapes from Koroloneko’s mansion and hides and her mother’s hotel. She does not wish to see anyone, even Yaroslav. There, she issues a press conference to clear her family's name.

Episode 8:

When Sophia and Yaroslav leave the conference, a killer shoots at Sofia, but Yaroslav manages to cover her. When he learns he almost killed his own grandson, Yuri Korolenko turns himself in to the police.

Airing times

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