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Three great European heist TV series

The Hold-Up (L'Attaque, 2011)

Cast: Lionnel Astier, Blandine Bellavoir, Sabine Cisse
Genre: Action
Episodes: 3
Length: 50’


Four thieves plan the biggest money heist in France’s history. When the hostages and their opposing personalities start to clash, the plan takes an unexpected turn into the worst possible outcome. Eurochannel premieres The Hold-Up, a French three-part miniseries with plenty of thrills, action and drama!

The Hold-Up starts with an ordinary morning and ordinary people getting ready for an ordinary day. But in what seemed the most casual and average of days, a bank manager, her employees and a handful of customers are about to endure a few nightmare hours with the four men who have come to rob the bank.

Added to this unlikely group of people are a pregnant young police officer, a traitor, and a hardened superintendent. Each one's personality will be revealed through the prism of what has brought them to the bank: money. Will they be able to survive the most crucial hours of their lives? Can one put a price tag to life? Who will turn into a hero and who would become a scoundrel?

Eurochannel invites you to discover the vexing answers in every episode of this thrilling mini-series. Just remember… nobody will be ever safe anymore when stepping into a bank!

The Hold-Up - E1

An ordinary morning, a bank robbery intertwines the lives of the branch director, a star restauranteur, a pregnant young cop, an old policeman and other dozen characters. They will live for several hours in the company of four robbers with a very different profile.

The Hold-Up – E2

While Agnes (Blandine Bellavoir), a young cop, brings supplies to the hostages, Mino (Yaniss Lespert), one of the four robbers, is ill. He needs insulin. Commissioner Bahktiar (Lionnel Astier) agrees to provide a dose in exchange for a hostage. In the basement, two accomplices arrive to drill a wall that gives access to the vault.

The Hold-Up – E3

Alex (Arnaud Ducret) enters the vault containing a loot of eight million euros. The hostages are still tied to each other and their eyes are bandaged. The robbers prepare to evacuate the premises through the basements.

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