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The Hunt - Ukraine

The Hunt (Ukraine, 2016) by Eurochannel

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The Hunt (Triple Defense, 2016)
Ukraine, Georgia

Cast: Eugene Volovenko , Maria Efrosinina , Artem Egorov
Director: Anatoly Mateshko
Genre: Action, drama
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 16
Length: 60’


A year and a half after her husband's assassination by a criminal gang, a death threat looms over Tamara. Her best friend Boris is also a police officer. Driven by a desire to solve the murder and his secret love for Tamara, he starts an investigation. Eurochannel premieres The Hunt, a new action series full of thrills!

The Hunt is one of those series with action galore. This detective drama follows a story full of explosions, gunshots, thrills, and plenty of love. In the center of the series is Tamara, a widow whose hunger for justice is ravenous after the murder of her husband, Maxim. He was a police officer investigating a criminal organization. After he captured the leader, his car explodes mysteriously and the police closes the case of his murder, linking it as a result of Maxim’s investigation.

One year later, Tamara and her two best friends are still unhappy with the police closing the investigation on Maxim’s death. With her childhood friends Boris and Vladimir, Max’s fellow cops, they venture into a private investigation. To their horror, the trio suddenly realizes that for some reason this a stranger has chosen Tamara as his next victim. Will she be the next one to die?

With the perfect mix of action, drama and suspense, The Hunt offers a tour-de-force in every sense. The series’ engaging plot is masterfully matched by its protagonists’ performances, who also play with dark humor for a touch of wittiness.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy a new series with an unforgettable plot. Will Tamara ever be safe from the danger that lurks around her life? Will her two friends be able to save her while fighting for her affection? Don’t miss any episode to find out the exciting answers in this jaw-dropping production!

The Hunt – E1

Vladimir, Boris, and Tamara have known each other for a long time. Now they are connected not only by long-standing friendship but also by their work. Everything changes after Tamara's husband is murdered.

The Hunt – E2

Banker Viktor Novak invites Tamara to work to help protect his business reputation. One of his bank's borrowers, Artemov, accuses Novak of threats and abduction. Things take an unexpected turn when Artemov is killed.

The Hunt – E3

Tamara and Novak are sent to Odessa to conclude a major transaction. But Novak’s partner, Pasechnik, is murdered by a sniper shot. The former neighbors and friends of Tamara’s youth are involved in the murder.

The Hunt – E4

Tamara and her friends, Kalganov and Shulga, investigate the case of Pasechnik. In parallel, Shulga reviews the long-standing murder case of Tamara's husband.

The Hunt – E5

A young girl is kidnapped. Her father doesn't want to contact the police and asks Voha and Bob to find her. He is ready to pay any ransom, but it might be too late.

The Hunt – E6

The case of the kidnapped girl is still at its highest. Friends have to find out what really happened to Alla and who is behind the crime.

The Hunt – E7

Tamara's friend, Lidia, asks to find her missing son Gosha. He disappeared and was last seen in a countryside hotel.

The Hunt – E8

Bob goes to this hotel where Lidia's son was last seen and discovers that Gosha is involved in some dark affairs that lead to the death of two people.

The Hunt – E9

Tamara and Novak plan their wedding. Plans are somewhat overshadowed by the fact that Tamara's cousin, Timur, who is treated for drug addiction, escapes and is on the loose.

The Hunt – E10

Bob, who continues to investigate the death of Max Voropay, finds new evidence in a case Max led before his death. He manages to build the pattern of the serial killer that killed Tamara's ex-husband.

The Hunt – E11

Former authorities Prince and Walter accuse each other of corruption. A few days later, Prince dies and Walter is accused of his murder. The evidence points to him but he maintains his innocence.

The Hunt – E12

Walter is sure he will be murdered behind bars. Tamara and her friends will have to unravel a complex affair rooted in the wild 1990s to help Walter and prove his innocence.

The Hunt – E13

In a cafe where Tamara and Bob were going to quietly dine, a shooting suddenly begins. A man in camouflage and balaclava shoot indiscriminately at visitors.

The Hunt – E14

The capture group goes to the apartment to Owl, but there is another corpse waiting for them. Who and why killed these people? But this is far from the only problem - Voha is arrested on charges of internal security.

The Hunt – E15

Voha is on the run, and his friends are looking for ways to prove his innocence before they catch him.

The Hunt – E16

Tamara and Boris are close to discover who the cold-blooded killer is. When they are closer than ever to solve the case, someone attempts on Boris's life. Will this be his last breath?

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