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The Idiot Returns - Sasa Gedeon - Czech Republic

The Idiot Returns

The Idiot Returns

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The Idiot Returns (Návrat idiota, 1999)
Czech Republic

Director: Sasa Gedeon
Cast: Pavel Liska, Anna Geislerová, Tatiana Vilhelmová


Who is mad or who is sane? Who determines the sanity of one's mind? Eurochannel invites you to live a story of understanding and trust alongside a man whose innocence unsettles everyone around him. The Idiot Returns provides an atypical view of a mental patient and, through him, of life.

Drawing inspiration from the main character of Fedor Dostoyevsky's The Idiot, the film provides a comic modern-day love story centered around a young man who, after having spent most of his life in a mental institution, is released into the world. This brings him into contact with a circle of four young friends, romantically inter-linked and none truly happy.

The Idiot Returns is not only about a man out in the world, but also an invitation to rediscover things for the first time. As the protagonists travel to meet his unaware family, he experiences a sequence of awkward and exciting moments with random strangers – always leaving behind a spark of hope and happiness.

With eccentric characters galore, The Idiot Returns is discreetly humorous andslightly surreal. Furthermore, its plot and comical depiction of human problems made it stand out as "one of the most original and inventive films out of Central Europe in some time", according to the critics. It was also the Czech Republic's official submission to the 72nd Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category.


Franticek (Pavel Liska) leaves the institution where he has spent his whole life for the first time and sees the world and his family with a clear and fresh gaze. The tragedy and fragility of human relationships and family bonds seen from the perspective of an so-called idiot, freely adapted from Dostoevsky.

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