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The Killer Inside (Normal, 2009)
Czech Republic

Cast: Milan Knazko, Dagmar Havlová, Pavel Gajdos
Director: Julius Sevcík
Genre: Crime, Drama, thriller
Length: 100’


He has brutally murdered and attacked men, women, children and animals, anything that crossed his path. He has spread more panic than Jack the Ripper did in London years ago. Now, this brutal sadist has voluntarily given himself up to the police. Eurochannel premieres The Killer Inside… do we all have one inside?

Based on the true story of legendary German serial killer Peter Kuerten, The Killer Inside recounts the spine-chilling crimes of one of the most evil men in history through the eyes of his defending lawyer. Young and ambitious, Justus Wehner is assigned to defend the killer. While Wehner is certain that Kuerten is a victim of a severe mental disorder, the mind fight between the righteous lawyer and the cunning monster begins.

The Killer Inside is a complex study of evil delivered in a stylishly decadent film noir. Set during the economic crisis in the 1930s, just before Hitler’s rise to power, this film explores the sinister but narrow gap between normality and insanity, between innocence and guilt.

This irresistible story, enriched by a dark photography and superb acting, led The Killer Inside to win the Golden Goblet for Best Director at the 2009 Shanghai International Film Festival.


A young and ambitious lawyer gets his first big case, the defense of brutal serial killer Peter Kuerten (Milan Knazko). But Kuerten and his wife begin to manipulate the attorney into assisting them with one last crime — now he has to fight to save his soul.

Awards and Festivals:

• 2009 Shanghai International Film Festival - Winner: Best Director

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