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The Marvels of Rome (Per non dimenticarti, 2008)

Cast: Francesca Antonelli, Ettore Bassi, Luca Biagini
Director: Mariantonia Avati
Genre: Drama
Length: 94’


Nine women, nine lives, nine intimate portraits of maternity that go straight to the heart with humor and hope as they eagerly wait to become mothers of a new generation. They dream of a new world without war, they are The Marvels of Rome!

Set in Rome in 1947, The Marvels of Rome follows the story of nine women seen through the eyes of Nina. While images of the war still burn in the eyes of Italians, their determination to rebuild a country from the ashes is ablaze. For women, things are more personal – their urgency is to rebuild their families! Bound to give birth, Nina checks in a maternity ward where she finds eight other women with secrets, dreams, hopes and fear.

Influenced by her own experiences, director Mariantonia Avati (daughter of the legendary Italian filmmaker Pupi Avati) delivers a touching portrait of women’s desires and worries in one of their most transcendental experiences: giving birth.

As the plot develops, Nina and the other women find company and solace among each other. A fearful beautiful girl pregnant by a foreign soldier; a bitter unfulfilled wife who turned to the emptiness of promiscuity; women who have only known privileged luxury or others whose only world has been hardship and deprivation, all get together in understanding, solidarity, friendship.

Eurochannel welcomes you to a unique maternity ward to discover the marvels of motherhood. A small universe where differences dissolve and complicity begins to form a precious bond!


Rome, 1947. The war is over but in the eternal city is still open and obvious wounds of the conflict. In the maternity ward of a hospital, nine women wait to give birth.

Festivals and Awards:

• Mar del Plata International Film Festival 2007: Focus Italy
• Palm Springs International Film Festival 2007: John Schlesinger Award
• Montréal World Film Festival 2006: Cinémas du Monde

Airing times

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