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The Medusa Murders - Filip Renč - Czech Republic

The Medusa Murders (Czech Republic, 2020) by Eurochannel




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The Medusa Murders (Hlava Medúzy, 2020)
Czech Republic

Cast: Jitka Cvancarová, Jirí Dvorák, Michal Isteník
Genre: Crime, Drama
Director: Filip Renč
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 8
Length: 58’

A small Czech town is wracked with violent crimes. Citizens fear for their lives while an elite anti-crime squad is tasked with bringing peace. Eurochannel premieres The Medusa Murders, a brand-new gut-wrenching series that vividly portrays the most sadistic of criminals.

A well-coordinated team of the Brno Police Department, led by a purposeful, precise and intuitive boss Karin investigates a series of murders committed in the South Moravian metropolis and its surroundings. During the search, forensic scientists unravel complex cases inspired by real crimes, revealing the wrongs and secrets of the past.

Director Filip Renč chose the form of Medusa as a symbol of these criminal stories – eight snakes, eight stories, and each snake represents. One story, one crime, one evil. In this action-packed series, viewers will encounter harrowing crime stories and their resolution.

Karin has two faces in the series. In private, she has her family and emotional problems. At work, she uses a poker face to impose authority in her team. Not only is she professional, but she has extraordinary empathy and the ability to find and connect multiple pieces of the evidence. Most importantly, her ability to perceive every case through the eyes of a woman, qualifies her as the ideal investigator to head the team's investigation into the most heinous crimes.

A recurring theme in the series is the story of Karin’s family, especially her mentally unstable brother Erik. Because of her feelings towards him, Karin is constantly torn between being a professional cop and being a good sister; life is always putting her actions to an uneasy test. This recurring psychological theme is perhaps something new that The Medusa Murders brings to the genre of crime drama.

The Medusa Murders S1 E1

The homicide department of the police must uncover the murderer of a promising painter who died under suspicious circumstances. His death is linked to the theft of a rare Rubens' painting.

The Medusa Murders S1 E2

The team investigates the killer of a high school student who was found raped and beaten in a pond.

The Medusa Murders S1 E3

The team investigates the brutal murder of a local administrator found in an ancient castle.

The Medusa Murders S1 E4

The death of a local senior woman reveals not only family quarrels but also the wrongs of the past.

The Medusa Murders S1 E5

In the general rehearsal of a beauty pageant, one of the participants gets hurt and then dies. The team investigates an environment full of rivalry, resentment and insincere friendships.

The Medusa Murders S1 E6

A harrowing secret links the construction of a golf course that destroys the local forest and the death of one of the forest workers.

The Medusa Murders S1 E7

During the shooting of a film, a producer is shot in the head. The investigation enquiries why the filmmaking environment is full of motives for murder.

The Medusa Murders S1 E8

After a car accident, the corpse of a passenger is found, but he did not die because of the collision.

Airing times

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