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The Mine Inferno (Dukla 61, 2018)
Czech Republic

Cast: Martha Issová, Marek Taclík, Oskar Hes
Director: David Ondrícek
Genre: Drama, history
Episodes: 2
Length: 82’


On July, 1961, the communist Czechoslovakia endured one of its most tragic moments. That day, a mining disaster in the Dukla Mine killed 108 miners. Eurochannel premieres the miniseries The Mine Inferno, a harrowing retelling of the tragedy, its unsettling causes and devastating aftermath for a small town.

Set against the backdrop of the biggest mining disaster of the second half of the 20th century in the country, The Mine Inferno is a thrilling two-part series about everything that could go wrong inside a mine… but overall, it’s a story of disarray and hope. A drama capturing the story of a period when socialism was booming but working conditions resembled a merciless capitalism.

Centering on a working-class family, The Mine Inferno follows the Šlachtas as they face the drama revolving around the mine. Milan, the family’s patriarch, is rising up the management ranks, just as his son Petr, with a baby on the way, drops out of university and moves back to work in the mines. His parents are very disappointed. Poor safety standards and an avalanche of critical errors pile up as pressure builds in the shafts and at home until the tragedy can’t be stopped.

Considered as the television event of the year in the Czech Republic in 2018, The Mine Inferno resembles other European productions like the British historical drama Chernobyl. However, the Czech drama includes exclusive interviews with survivors and inhabitants of the town at the beginning of each episode. A treat that grips viewers from start to finish!

Eurochannel invites you to discover one of the greatest mining disasters in Eastern European history, and to feel the building anxiety of those who faced terror both above and below the ground!

The Mine Inferno – Part 1

Petr (Oskar Hes) drops out of the Mine Engineering College in Prague and moves back to the family home with a pregnant Jewish girlfriend, much to his parents’ disappointment. Unwilling to be a burden on his family, Petr decides to follow his father underground in the mine he works.

The Mine Inferno – Part 2

Marie (Martha Issová) is falling apart. A collapsed Milan (Marek Taclík) shifts to a less paid job, while Jana (Antonie Formanová) betrays Marie’s darkest secret. Today, the Dukla Mine turns into a burning hell because of the authorities’ constant neglect of safety rules. Fear, chaos, and panic rule underground.

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