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The Money Trail (Spain, 2009) by Eurochannel

The Money Trail

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The Money Trail (Negro Buenos Aires, 2009)

Cast: Daniel Faraldo, Francesc Garrido, Julieta Díaz,
Director: Ramon Térmens
Genre: Drama
Length: 104’


Jordi is at a crossroads. His personal life is crumbling and his professional career hangs by a thread. When he is offered an opportunity to close a deal in Argentina for a Spanish multinational, he sees the chance to redeem himself. Once there, he will have to plunge into the darkest places of his soul. Eurochannel premieres The Money Trail, a nail-biting drama about corruption, money and greed!

The Money Trail follows the adventures of Jordi Puigmartí, a senior executive at a Catalan multinational in a professional crisis. The only chance to keep his job is to close a multimillion-dollar deal with the Argentinean government. Convinced to get his life back on track, he travels to Buenos Aires. As soon as he starts making contacts with government officials, Jordi realizes things will not go as easy as he thought.

Set amidst the grim days of Argentina’s worst economic crisis in its history back in 2001, The Money Trail plunges you into the obscure world of politics and power where corruption gallops rampant with no restraints. This exciting movie delivers a unique take on the worst nightmare of a man about to see his life crumbling apart.

Filmed in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, this production earner 14 nominations to the 2010 Goya Awards in categories including Best Film, Best Director, Best Leading Role, Best Supporting Role, among others.

Eurochannel invites you to the darkest side of the Argentinean capital to discover the real price of getting a deal with the local government. Something more expensive than all the money in the world!


Amidst Argentina's worst economic crisis, Jordi pursues a multimillion-dollar contract with the government. To get it, he must put his ethics aside and play a dangerous game. He will pay a price higher than anything money can buy.

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