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The Oslo Opera House - Norway


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The Oslo Opera House (Operaen vel i havn, 2008)


It is a splendid architectural creation in all of Norway - taking many years to come to fruition. Join us in witnessing the realization of a dream come true. Eurochannel invites you behind the scenes of the building process of a Norwegian structural icon: The Oslo Opera House. Meet the masterminds who conceived and created the home of the Norwegian Opera & Ballet

Prize Winner at the 27th International Festival of Films on Art in Montreal 2009; this documentary portrays the many complications The Oslo Opera House went through in its evolution to completion. Tortuous political, architectural, constructional and artistic drawbacks were endured and overcome in the transcendence of this wonder from conception to reality; from the initial decision to begin construction to the opening ceremony in April 2008.

Designed by renowned firm of architects Snøhetta, The Oslo Opera house is among the elite of arts buildings. This documentary shows the firm's quest for a specific type or marble with which to assemble this artistic temple and goes behind the scenes of the rehearsals of Around the World in 80 Days and Sleeping Beauty, two shows staged during the euphoric opening season of the venue.

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime visit to the jewel in Norway's architectural crown and discover just why it can boast housing the greatest ballet and operatic experiences the world has to offer.


An award winning documentary portraying the complications and achievements experienced during the process of building The Oslo Opera House. This film depicts the friends and enemies of the building, the masterminds behind its creative concept, the artists chosen for its opening ceremony and the commanding presence of the venue. A behind the scenes exclusive of one of the most important arts and performances buildings in the whole of Norway.


The Oslo Opera house documentary won an accolade at the 27th International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal 2009.

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