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The Paradox of John Malkovich - Pierre-François Limbosch - France




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The Paradox of John Malkovich (Le paradoxe de John Malkovich, 2014)

Director: Pierre-François Limbosch
Cast: John Malkovich
Genre: Documentary


Welcome to the inner circle of a mesmerizing project, a place to discover in private how a legendary actor becomes a guide and leads an ensemble cast to excellence to relive one of his most famous pieces… Welcome to The Paradox of John Malkovich.

Directed by Pierre-François Limbosch, Malkovich’s long-time collaborator, The Paradox of John Malkovich is a documentary revealing the process of a stage play in Paris. Almost 20 years after starring in Stephen Frear's Dangerous Liaisons, John Malkovich takes a new role and directs a play by Christopher Hampton adapted from the film that made him famous worldwide.

This authoritative documentary film is an invitation to see how Malkovich works. Following the construction of the show, the casting process, and the singular manner of his directing, this project captures unforgettable moments that teach a certain kind of freedom: the freedom of making mistakes, of trying new things, of losing oneself, of discovering a different inner being.

In The Paradox of John Malkovich, the polarizing figure John Malkovich is at his most earnest. Not easy to impress by the young actors he is directing in this adaptation of the Academy Award-winning movie, he leaves himself to be defined by his acts rather than his works.

Come discover John Malkovich as nobody has seen him before ¬- the person behind the legend, the director behind the actor, the man behind the myth!


A documentary that follows a legend of cinema in his role of stage director. John Malkovich, who rose to fame for his role in Dangerous Liaisons, now ventures into directing a play in Paris. After recruiting nine young actors, this adaptation of the movie that put him in the spotlights proves a challenging and enriching experience for both Malkovich and his actors.

Airing times

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