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The Perfect Match (Dames 4, 2015)

Director: Maurice Trouwborst
Cast: Hannah van Lunteren, Jennifer Hoffman, Ryanne van Dorst
Genre: Comedy, drama


Tired of her social environment, a woman in her thirties decides to take matters into her own hands. All her friends are either parents or pregnant, and in a rebellious act, she decides to keep their friendship by undertaking the most unlikely of adventures: a football team! Eurochannel premieres The Perfect Match, an uplifting comedy about adulthood and relationships.

In The Perfect Match, you will meet the most unreliable football team, captained by Wyne, a 32-year-old woman struggling to cope with the challenges of adulthood. After the recent break-up with her boyfriend because of her reluctance to have children, Wyne discovers her best friend and flat mate, Nanda, is moving with her long-time boyfriend. Now, alone and isolated, she decides to gather her friends and form a team.

This witty comedy is loosely based on the real experiences of the scriptwriter, who did form a football team to keep her friendships alive. However, The Perfect Match goes further and proposes an insight of life for many young adults in Europe. As many struggle to grow up and are forced to deal with the pressure of getting a better paid job and start a family, others surrender to the joys of raising children, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

As the plot develops and the girls’ adventures vacillate between football and love, and joy to disappointments, Wyne finds herself in a personal maze when an unexpected pregnancy knocks on her door. . . Now she’ll have to decide between the team, an abortion, or taking the opportunity to start a new life!

Full of sex-tinged jokes and with superb acting by its leading characters, The Perfect Match takes you to a world where drama turns into happiness as every problem is proven to have a silver lining.


The immature Wyne (Hannah van Lunteren) starts a football team to rebel against all her friends whose lives have become dull and boring since either giving birth or becoming pregnant. However, she threatens to lose everything through unexpected events.

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