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The Perfect Stranger - Denis Malleval - France

The Perfect Stranger (France, 2011) by Eurochannel



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The Perfect Stranger (La vie en miettes, 2011)

Cast: Bruno Debrandt, Audrey Fleurot, Marie Den Jonathan
Director: Denis Malleval
Genre: Drama, mystery, thriller
Rating: 14


A man’s marriage is crumbling as his wife treats him in the worst possible of ways -- he wants a divorce. One day, as she rushes out to meet somebody else, one fateful accident changes it all for both of them. Eurochannel premieres The Perfect Stranger, a French thriller about the strange coincidences and deadly consequences of betrayal.

The Perfect Stranger follows the drastic changes in Jonathan’s life, a miserable man who lives on giving therapeutic massages to rich ladies. His wretchedness goes further because of an unhappy marriage – his wife, Anaïs, doesn’t waste any chance to remind him of how unhappy she is by his side.

The only option seems to be a divorce… until Jonathan discovers a multi-million inheritance and Anaïs has an unlikely accident. Once he gets to the clinic, the woman in the hospital bed is not Anaïs but a stranger with identity papers confirming she is his wife… Where’s is the real Anaïs?

Adapted from a novel by the French duo of novelists, Boileau-Narcejac, this psychological thriller delivers a flawless murder mystery in which women are at the core. Somebody is after Jonathan’s fortune. He’s a millionaire now - the more careful he is, the greater the danger to him!

Eurochannel invites you to feel the thrill of Jonathan, a man who passes from extreme misery, to joy and suspicion, as those in his life attempt to deprive him of the only chance he has for real happiness.


Jonathan (Bruno Debrandt), an unhappy man who has just inherited a massive fortune, discovers that Anaïs (Audrey Fleurot), his wife, has been hospitalized after a car accident. But she has been replaced by an unknown woman who claims to be Anaïs… she even has ID documents to prove it!

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