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The Predateurs - France

Les Prédateurs

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The Predateurs (Les Prédateurs, 2007)

Director: Lucas Belvaux
Casting: Phillpe Nahon, Nicole Garcia, Claude Brasseur.

Part 1: In 1988, after years of cunning political maneuvering, Loïk Le Floch-Prigent and Alfred Sirven become the chief executives at Elf. They discover a company that runs on kickbacks. In exchange for the oil rights, Elf makes handsome but discreet payoffs to the leaders of African nations. With the tacit complicity of President Mitterrand, and with eventual political and personal interests in mind, the new management takes charge of the slush fund. Within months, Sirven, Le Floch-Prigent and his wife Fatima Belaïd fill their pockets with more than they could ever have imagined.
Part 2: In 1993, Philippe Jaffré, recently appointed by Balladur to lead Elf, files a court action against Le Floch-Prigent to disassociate himself from the abuses that took place under his predecessor’s chairmanship. At the same time, Judge Eva Joly is appointed to instruct a criminal investigation into Elf for misuse of corporate funds, breach of trust and complicity. It is the beginning of a long, arduous investigation, marked by intimidations and pressure in high places, which ten years later climaxes in the biggest politico-financial corruption scandal ever seen in France.



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