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The President’s Hat (Le chapeau de Mitterrand, 2015)

Director: Robin Davis
Cast: Frédéric Diefenthal, Frédérique Bel, Michel Leeb, Roland Giraud
Genre: Drama, Comedy


Good novels make good film adaptations, and this is just the right example. Eurochannel welcomes you to the France of the late 1980s to discover the magic behind a unique hat. This is an adventure of joy, success and the unexpected… all thanks to The President’s Hat.

Based on the eponymous novel by Antoine Laurain and directed by Robin Davis, The President’s Hat tells the story of a fascinating hat with almost magical proprieties. When François Mitterrand leaves his hat after dining in a brasserie, a failing insurance businessman finds it and turns into a doughty, successful man. He gains a promotion and praise from his superiors and colleagues. But the adventure is far from over...

The hat gets stolen, lost, snatched up, found again, and stolen again, passing from head to head and changing the destinies of people who didn't expect to meet, to love and to see their lives change in a radical way.

The President’s Hat, which premiered at the Dinard Television Film Festival (France), was an endeavor that took two years to complete since it was first pitched. The movie was filmed in Lyon, instead of Paris, where the original novel develops, but the cast’s performances makes up for the location.

Enjoy a gripping comedy that proves right France’s penchant for adapting short novels to films, and discover if this “magical” hat will finally be back in Mitterrand’s hands, and how it might affect his political future.


One day in 1986, François Mitterrand (Laurent Claret) forgets his hat in a Lyon restaurant. Daniel Mercier (Frédéric Diefenthal), a young executive who has just been reprimanded by his superior, who considers the computerization of its business plan stupid, steals it to clear his head. It is then when his life takes a turn to unexpected adventures.

Festivals and Awards:

• Festival du film de television (Dinard, France) - Preview

Airing times

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