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The Right Distance - Carlo Mazzacurati - Italy

The Right Distance (Italy, 2007) by Eurochannel



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Ahmed Hafiane – An Immigrant Actor

The Right Distance (La giusta distanza, 2007)

Director: Carlo Mazzacurati
Cast: Giovanni Capovilla, Valentina Lodovini, Ahmed Hafiane
Genre: Drama
Length: 136’


The story of a murder, xenophobia, a wrongful accusation, and a young boy's crush on an attractive woman. Eurochannel premieres The Right Distance.

In a remote strip of Italy at the mouth of the Po river, there is a small town: a few isolated houses that a crane seems to have incongruously placed in that flat and desolate landscape. The meeting between Hassan and Mara takes place on this evanescent scenario. He is a Tunisian mechanic that through years of honest and hard work has earned him esteem and respect; she is a young teacher, whom a substitute teacher brought there, waiting to leave for Brazil for a cooperation project. But Mara is not just news, it is a cyclone that upsets the sleepy balance of the country.

Between them there’s Giovanni, an eighteen-year-old aspiring journalist who spends his time fixing an old motorcycle in Hassan's workshop and is more than a witness to the story.
He is highly motivated to become a journalist and persuades an editor to allow him to give him work. His job is to report without anyone finding out that he is a reporter

Their lives are turned upside down by unexpected events and murders that change the course of the story, during which Giovanni has to keep the right distance to be a good journalist.

The Right Distance is a movie with an anti-racial background and the story of a funny Venetian village seen through the eyes of an eighteen-year-old young man with an irrepressible desire to tell everything.

An aspiring journalist investigates the murder of the woman he once loved. After the suicide of the prime suspect, he unravels the harrowing truth behind the crime.

Awards and festivals:
• Bastia Italian Film Festival 2009 - Youth Jury Prize
• Italian Film Festival USA 2009 - Best Film
• Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2008 - Best Original Story
• Rome Film Fest 2007 - L'Oreal Paris Award

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