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The Russian Game (Russkaya igra, 2007)

Director: Pavel Chukhray
Cast: Sergey Makovetskiy, Sergey Garmash, Andrey Merzlikin, Giuliano di Capua
Genre: Comedy


Come to the table and show your best cards! Eurochannel presents The Russian Game, a hilarious Russian comedy in which an Italian con artist travels to Russia to gain quick money and avoid jail in his homeland.  He seems bound for glory… until he meets a group of players who offer him a deal that might be too good to be true.

Based on Nikolai Gogol’s comedy play The Gamblers, The Russian Game takes some liberties for this film adaptation. Telling the story of Luchino Forza, an Italian millionaire in trouble in his homeland, the plot separates from the original all-Russian protagonists of Gogol’s work. Threatened by his creditors, the Italian card shark heads to Russia and with the help of vodka and marked cards. There, his plan develops smoothly until he meets three players who won’t be as naïve as Luchino conceives Russians.

The Russian Game is directed by the renowned filmmaker Pavel Chukhray, the son of the prominent Russian film director Grigory Chukhray and best known for his film The Thief, nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1998.

Dealing with the concept of stereotypes, The Russian Game offers a take of the idea Russians always though Europeans and Americans conceived them as innocent and naïve. However, it gives it a witty twist just at the end just to leave the protagonist aghast with a surprise he won’t like.

Come meet four expert card sharks as they attempt to con each and every of their opponents in a production that will teach us all a lesson: there’s always someone smarter than you!    


Luchino Forza (Giuliano di Capua) is an Italian card sharper who is hounded by creditors. In order to clear his debt, he travels to Russia to hustle some quick money. On his way, he meets a group of Russian gamblers that sympathize with his situation and agree to collaborate with him…. A deal that seems too good to be true.

Airing times

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