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The Secret (Hemmeligheden, 2011)

Director: Morten Køhlert
Cast: Igor Svideniouk Egholm, Nanna Finding Koppel, Marta Holm
Genre: Drama


On a cold morning, Plet, Rianne and Donna find their mother unresponsive on the floor. She has died. Their lives crumble into pieces until their courage shows them a way out. But to avoid being separated by the Danish social services, they must keep a big secret. Eurochannel invites you to discover the lives of three teenagers facing their toughest challenge ever in The Secret.

Directed by Morten Køhlert, The Secret is a Danish film telling the story of three siblings and their efforts to remain a family after their mother’s demise. The risk of Child Services separating them is very high so their decision is to keep the death a secret. Bills pile up, as do the food and clothes to buy, schools to be dealt with, homework to be done. Donna, Rianne and Plet find creative ways to handle all of it, but with many up and downs all the way.

With an impressive young cast, The Secret immerses viewers in a pure coming-of-age story. The personal journey on which the protagonists embark makes them realize both the hardships and joys of adult life. Now, being responsible for themselves, the trio find a way to survive and even find their long-lost father.

Filmed to reach a young audience, The Secret earned many awards, including the ECFA award at Schlingel Film Festival, a Special-mention at Cine-Kid, and The Children’s & Youth Film Prize and the Prize of the Children’s Jury in Nordic Filmday Lübeck. The movie was screened at the Montreal International Children's Film Festival, CineKid, as well as many more.

Eurochannel invites you to meet three siblings trying to live a normal life while drawn into a deep web of lies to hide the truth from family, school and neighbors.


One morning, Plet (Igor Svideniouk Egholm), Rianne (Nanna Koppel) and Donna (Marta Holm) find their mother lying dead in the kitchen. A storm has isolated them; the phone lines are down. They realize that they will be split up by the authorities when the news gets out, and they decide to keep it a secret and continue as nothing has happened. But that isn’t easy when money is short, family and friends are asking questions and they have nowhere to take their grief. In their struggle to survive, they uncover many secrets about their mother and who she really was.

Awards and festivals:

• Best Feature Film - Antwerpen European Youth FF of Flanders 2013
• Prize of the Children’s Jury -    Nordic Filmday Lübeck 2012
• European Children´s Film Prize - Chemnitz Schlingel Children's Film Festival 2012

• Buff Filmfestival
• CineKid
• Ghent Flanders International Film Festival
• Internationales Filmwochenende Würzburg
• Montreal Int. Children's Film Festival
• Nordic Filmday Lübeck
• WienXtra- cinemagic

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