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Interview with Alberto Ostini

Discover the Lives of Borgo Larici – Part 1
Who Are the Main Characters of the Series?

Interview with Nathalie Rapti Gómez

Discover the Lives of Borgo Larici – Part 2
Who Are the Main Characters of the Series?

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The Secrets of Borgo Larici (I segreti di Borgo Larici, 2013)

Cast: Giulio Berruti, Serena Iansiti, Nathalie Rapti Gomez, Marco Falaguasta
Genre: Drama


The rich Sormani family needs an heir. In a rapidly changing world, the fate of Borgo Larici depends on that of its richest clan. It is 1922 and this small town, in the heart of the Italian Piedmont, is on the verge of disaster. When the successor of the Sormani family arrives from Paris after receiving a mysterious letter, revelations about secrets kept for decades will alter the family’s and town’s fates forever. Eurochannel invites you to a thrilling world of passion, romances and betrayals with the premiere of The Secrets of Borgo Larici.

Eurochannel’s new period drama, The Secrets of Borgo Larici, stars some of the biggest names in Italian acting such as Giulio Berruti, Serena Iansiti, and Marco Falaguasta. Set in an idyllic countryside town in 1922, The Secrets of Borgo Larici portrays the lives of the Sormani family and those in a town that depend on them. Amid growing social unrest and new socialist ideas, the family will have to fight for its future.

To complicate things further, Francesco, the successor of the Sormanis, arrives from Paris committed to running the family factory. He rushes to the village after receiving an anonymous letter revealing that his mother Margherita, believed to have committed suicide 23 years ago, is in fact still alive.

Acclaimed by the Italian specialized press, The Secrets of Borgo Larici is a must-see period drama series. Its quality has been praised and the production quickly became known in its homeland as the Italian Downton Abbey.

The Secrets of Borgo Larici is divided into seven episodes in which the turmoil of love battles with envy and murder plots. The Sormanis attempt to survive their worst crisis after an unforeseen assassination. It is up to Francesco to unveil the truth of both his mother’s disappearance and his father’s fate while trying to maintain an impossible romance.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy an époque drama series driven by deadly secrets, murders, passion, betrayals and plenty of romance.

The Secrets of Borgo Larici: Episode 1

1922. Back to his hometown village, Francesco Sormani (Giulio Berruti) is determined to discover the truth behind an anonymous letter he received in Paris. Secrets behind his mother’s suicide will cast doubts within the most powerful family in Borgo Larici.

The Secrets of Borgo Larici: Episode 2

Nicola (Matteo Anselmi) is blamed for the death of Giulio (Simone Colombari) and hides in the village’s church. Anita (Serena Iansiti) decides to escape.

The Secrets of Borgo Larici: Episode 3

Anita (Serena Iansiti) decides that it's time to go back to town and enjoy her romance with Francesco (Giulio Berruti), but Claudia (Nathalie Rapti Gómez) reveals shocking news: she is pregnant!

The Secrets of Borgo Larici: Episode 4

Francesco (Giulio Berruti) believes Fausto Ferraris (Nicola Pistoia) is involved in the mystery about his mother. Don Costante (Massimo Wertmuller) is found dead, and a letter is discovered in his pocket.

The Secrets of Borgo Larici: Episode 5

Francesco (Giulio Berruti) saves Anita’s life (Serena Iansiti), and with her, he manages to find his mother, Margherita (Sara D’Amario), in a convent.

The Secrets of Borgo Larici E6

Francesco’s (Giulio Berruti) romantic relationship with Anita (Serena Iansiti) moves forward. Also, after finding his mother, Margherita (Sara D’Amario), he decides to solve once and for all the mysteries of his family’s past.

The Secrets of Borgo Larici E7

Francesco (Giulio Berruti) and Anita (Serena Iansiti) are about to crown their dream of love but an unexpected guest ruins the fateful moment.

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