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Three World-Renowned Real Spies in History

The Spy (Shpion, 2012)

Director: Aleksey Andrianov
Cast: Danila Kozlovsky, Fedor Bondarchuk, Anna Chipovskaya
Genre: Action, thriller, drama


He earned a spot in the intelligence of the Soviet Union thanks to his boxing victories. Now he must be victor in finding the most elusive Nazi spy in Moscow to save his nation. Eurochannel premieres The Spy, an action-packet production set amidst the verge of World War II and the Nazi invasion to Russia.

Directed by Aleksey Andrianov, The Spy tells the story of Dorin, a boxer turned spy. Under the shield of Mayor Octyabrskiy, a prominent intelligence officer for the Soviet regime, Dorin is summoned to tackle the Nazi plans to invade the Soviet Union. In this perilous quest, he must unveil the intentions and discover the identity of a Nazi espionage genius named Wassel, who is conspiring to convince the Soviet government that the war won’t start until 1943.

Although a fiction feature, The Spy presents plenty of realistic events. In fact, the film is based on Boris Akunin's book The Spy Novel. Akunin himself was involved in the script adaptation to cinema of his work, in a praised production that turned to be one of the largest film budgets in Russian history.

Further critical acclaim by the Russian press upon release, this riveting spy’s film gained the Golden Eagle (Russia’s Golden Globe) for Best Supporting Actor in 2013, and was nominated for the Discovery of the Year Special Award at the NIKA Awards.

Welcome to a utopic version of Moscow in the 1940s to enjoy the jaw-dropping adventures and thrills that lie within the complex world of espionage and intelligence services!


In the center of Moscow, a tense duel is unwrapped between two intelligence services. The purpose of the secret operations of Hitler is to deceive Stalin about the German plans of invasion to the Soviet Union. Mayor Octyabrskiy and Lieutenant Dorin against the Nazi espionage genius. A fight in the environment of a great story and glare of the imminent war.

Airing times

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