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The Symphony of Love - Jaroslav Brabec - Czech Republic

The Symphony of Love (Czech Republic, 2015) by Eurochannel

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The Symphony of Love (Americké dopisy, 2015)
Czech Republic

Director: Jaroslav Brabec
Cast: Hynek Cermák, Petra Spalková, Sona Norisová
Genre: Drama
Length: 102’


Everything in life has a price… But what’s the real price of true love? Eurochannel premieres The Symphony of Love, a period romantic drama about the true feelings of a world-famous composer and his struggles with his heart and his religious beliefs.

Antonin Dvorak is maybe one of the most famous music composers who has ever existed in Europe. A genius in his homeland, he went to become one of Brahms dearest friends and one of the greatest European composers to have lived in the United Estates and became director of the National Conservatory of Music in New York City. But while he enjoyed professional success, his love life was the opposite.

The Symphony of Love follows Antonin Dvorak’s romantic life, a whirlwind of emotions that will move you to tears. It all starts when the composer receives a letter in New York. The news from his hometown will change his and his family’s destiny forever.

As the plot develops, it is revealed that Dvorak’s true muse was his sister-in-law, who now lies utterly sick in her house in Czechoslovakia and only longs to see Antonin before she dies.

Praised by the specialised media and critics, The Symphony of Love became one of the most successful biopics in Central Europe in recent years. The movie won the Czech Lion for Best television film or miniseries in its homeland, and also took the Jury’s Special Prize at the Seoul International Drama Awards in 2015.

Based on a true story. At the end of the 19th century, a worldwide famous composer leaves his life behind in America to reunite with his true love and muse back in Europe.

Awards and festivals:
• 20th International TV Festival Bar 2015 - Best Visual Identity Award in the feature film category
• 10th Seoul International Drama Awards 2015 - Jury’s Special Prize
• 23rd Czech Lion 2015 - Best Television Film or Miniseries

Airing times

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