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The Time of Love (Le temps des amours, 2009)

Cast: Pierre-François Martin-Laval, Armelle Deutsch, Richard Oiry
Director: Thierry Chabert
Genre: Biography
Length: 100’


A genius like no other with a childhood like no other! Welcome to the fascinating world of Marcel Pagnol as he enjoys the peak of his teenage years… Innocent romances, witty school pranks, and a sense of self-discovery as the writer he would become. Eurochannel premiere The Time of Love, a gripping biopic about the beginning of Marcel Pagnol writing days!

Based on true events and his childhood memoirs, The Time of Love is an exciting retelling of Marcel Pagnol’s teenage years during his high school days. Building a reputation as a practical joker among the school students, Pagnol avoids expulsion and shaming his father, and then he becomes aware of his talent for writing.

The Time of Love relives a memorable share of Marcel Pagnol’s famous Childhood Memories book series, published between 1957 and 1977. In the novels, the writer reveals the most life-changing events during his youngest years through invaluable lessons from his family and friends.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy a coming-of-age historical drama and to discover the fascinating early life of one of France’s greatest artists!


Overcoming disciplinary committee, Marcel (Pierre-François Martin-Laval) gets to stay at high school. He becomes a leader among his new classmates, firming his personality, participating in uproars… Marcel becomes also aware of his real vocation: writing.

Airing times

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