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The Time of Secrets (Le temps des secrets, 2007)

Cast: Pierre-François Martin-Laval, Armelle Deutsch, Richard Oiry
Director: Thierry Chabert
Genre: Biography
Length: 98’


Marcel Pagnol is one of the most famous French auteurs in history… but before his novels, plays and films, he was a dreaming kid – and this one is the riveting story of his childhood! Eurochannel presents The Time of Secrets, an emotional coming-of-age drama about one of the greatest men in French arts.

Based on true events and his childhood memoirs, The Time of Secrets is a riveting account of the teenage years of Marcel Pagnol during his final holiday before starting high school. There, amongst the farewells he is bound to say, he waves goodbye to many childhood habits and starts discovering the complex world of adults. Lies, betrayals, forbidden affairs and much more, start to unveil to the young Marcel.

The Time of Secrets relives a memorable share of Marcel Pagnol’s famous Childhood Memories book series, published between 1957 and 1977. In the novels, the writer reveals the most life-changing events during his youngest years through invaluable lessons from his family and friends.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy a coming-of-age historical drama and to discover the fascinating early life of one of France’s greatest artists!


The last vacations for Marcel Pagnol (Pierre-François Martin-Laval) in his favorite Provence hills prove as delightful as challenging. It is the beginning of his teenage years and he falls in love for the first time as well as starts discovering all the secrets grown-ups around him hide.

Airing times

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