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The Trick in the Sheet - Alfonso Arau - Italy

The Trick in the Sheet

The Trick in the Sheet


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3 Pioneers in Italian Cinema

The Trick in the Sheet (L'imbroglio nel lenzuolo, 2009)

Director: Alfonso Arau
Cast: Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Geraldine Chaplin, Anne Parillaud


Imagine the first days of cinema, when theatrical plays were brought to life by the novelty of silent, animated photography, when those first moving stills were thought to be a creation of the devil. Eurochannel presents a romantic comedy portraying the motion-picture dream of a man in The Trick in the Sheet.

Directed by the renowned Mexican actor and director Alfonso Arau (Like Water for Chocolate), The Trick in the Sheet tells the story of Federico, a man who, after seeing a short film, decides to change his career in medicine to pursue a dream in filmmaking. Thanks to such a gripping plot and the breathtaking performance of its actors, The Hollywood Reporter was right to say that this production "will charm art house audiences in America as well as more mainstream audiences in Europe."

But A-list names don't stop with the director's in this film. With a constellation of stars in the cast, including the stunning Maria Grazia Cucinotta (Il Postino) -- who also wrote and produced the film -- Geraldine Chaplin (Dr. Zhivago, Chaplin) and Primo Reggiani (The Sicilian Girl), the film promises to deliver an entertaining experience about the beginnings of cinema.

Join a man in his dream to break the boundaries of his times while reliving the first days of the so-called seventh art.


In 1905, cinema seems a mysterious and devilish trick. When Federico (Primo Reggiani) films unaware and innocent Marianna (Maria Grazia Cucinotta) nude, it will be Federico’s success and Marianna’s plunge into incredulity and desperation. Based on the novel written by Francesco Costa.

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