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The Wild Man - Kristoffer Clausen - Norway

The Wild Man

The Wild Man

The Wild Man



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The Wild Man (Villmannen, 2010)

Cast:Kristoffer Clausen


While our cavemen ancestors had no choice but to endure the harshness of the wilderness, humanity has evolved to appreciate the comforts modern living has to offer. The threat from wild animals, risk of disease and lack of shelter would make any man think twice about spending a night in a remote forest. So why, would anyone choose to face those obstacles for an entire year? Eurochannel invites you to meet one of the toughest men in Norway and experience a season of potential pitfalls in the wild. Pack your thermals, don’t forget the waterproofs, sharpen that axe and get prepared to scratch out a living from nothing… The Wild Man on Eurochannel.

This documentary compiles the life of thirty-five-year-old Kristoffer Clausen over the course of a whole year living out in the Norwegian wilderness. With the most basic camping equipment, a few tools, he proves it can be possible to embrace living at one with nature – and shows exactly how.

Armed with only his faithful hound dog and a video camera for company, The Wild Man of Norway proves his credentials as both an expert hunter and survivor. Forced to overcome the hurdles of loneliness, hygiene issues and unpredictable weather, his enthusiasm for the project radiates through as he documents his wild life while filming and blogging from his laptop.

Prepare to be enthralled by this unique experience, witnessing first-hand the struggles of survival in one of Europe’s wildest forests. Come along with Kristoffer deep into the woods. One whole year. One man’s unyielding quest for survival. Where would your limits lie?


Kristoffer Clausen is a thirty-four-year old Norwegian with a remarkable plan. With only his dog, Froeya for company, he intends to live for almost an entire year in the unrelentingly harsh Norwegian wilderness. Overcoming the challenges thrown at him by mother nature, he documents his epic tale of survival, eking out an existence like his ancestors, with the help of a few modern tools. The Wild Man is a captivating documentary, showcasing survival techniques and the unquenchable appetite of one man’s thirst for adventure.


• Kristoffer Clausen made headlines across the globe in 2011 after it was revealed that his show was essentially a hoax, as he didn't live for the whole year in the wilderness, often spending time in hotels and cottages. He also admitted that his blog entries were posted from the comfort of his car.
• Kristoffer Clausen has relinquished his ill-gotten celebrity status and now sells hunting equipment following the emergence of the scandal of his survival year hoax.

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