Third Eurochannel Short Films Tour - Program 8 – The Borders of Europe

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Third Eurochannel Short Films Tour

Program 8 - The Borders of Europe


The Eurochannel Short Films Tour offers an authentic trip around Europe through exceptional programming.

It is a look at European cinema through the eyes of 54 innovative directors, known for their talent, originality and independence. With this selection of the best creations from all European countries, Eurochannel invites fans of cinema and European culture to discover the newest faces and perspectives of the European film scene. Regularly awarded at short film festivals and often being shown for the first time outside of their country, all the shorts presented have a strong identity taken from a particular region of Europe. They all reflect unknown dimensions of European reality.

The Eurochannel Short Films Tour has a strong regional footprint, revealing the creative genius of how cinema can be very diverse and surprising. Shaped by geographical and cultural features, those shorts films are as much charming as a work of one director’s passion.

Stories of love or friendship in an adult’s brutal world, paintings of childhood feelings, stories of war or poverty, and comedies with unpredictable humor, Eurochannel brings you the complexity of humanity as the European artists of the new generation sees it.
Duck Crossing Duck Crossing (Ahate Pasa, 2009)
Spain Basque Country

Director: Koldo Almandoz


Suddenly, ducks cross the screen.

Life is Infinite Return Life is Infinite Return (2010)

Director: Alex Voitekhvich 


The endless repetition of life is shown using example of believers (Catholics) of different ages in the Belarussian provinces.

Biography Alex Voitekhvich


Ararat Ararat (Torture de la laisse trop courte, 2010)

Director: Renaud Armanet


A man wants to go and breathe the air on Ararat Mountain.

Biography Renaud Armanet

Someone Else's Steps Someone Else's Steps (Chujdi Stupki, 2009)

Director: Neda Morfova


A woman breaks her heel. The cobbler can't fix her shoe at the moment, and she is late, so she convinces him to give her a pair of shoes from the shelf. He warns her that someone else's shoes might take her to someone else's path.

Biography Neda Morfova

Samurai Samurai (Samoure, 2005)

Director: Theo Papadoulakis


A peculiar shepherd living in a village at the mountains of Crete hopes that one day he will become a true samurai. Samoure is a story of being different in a small community and the conflicts this causes.

Biography Theo Papadoulakis

Kirkonkyla Kyrkby Kirkonkyla Kyrkby (2010)

Director: Elise Pietarila


Pasi, a small town boy in the seventh grade, collects and respects the rules made by adults. One rule is that if you wear corduroys at middle school, you will be teased. Luckily, the rules also include finding one's best friend.

Champion Champion (2005)

Director: Kaupo Kruusiauk


Two former athletes haven't played sports in a long time. Now, the two friends decide to return to their athleticism.

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