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Three Key Elements for the Creation of Czechoslovakia




Three Key Elements for the Creation of Czechoslovakia

Celebrating the premiere of the Czech two-part series Fallen Empire, about the fall of the Austro-Hungarian empire and the creation of Czechoslovakia, we have selected three important events that market this important geopolitical change.

Maffia was a secret organization acting during World War I. It was founded after the emigration of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk in 1914 by Czech politician Edvard Beneš, who later became second president of Czechoslovakia, and others main anti-royalist Karel Kramář, Alois Rašín, Josef Scheiner and Přemysl Šámal. Maffia was based on the principles of the Sicilian Mafia and was a central part of the First Czechoslovak Resistance. Its main objective was to overthrow the Emperor of Austria and to cause the disintegration of the empire.

The Three Kings Declaration
January 6, or Three Kings Day, is often thought of as the end of the Christmas period. It is less known as one of the anniversaries of Czechoslovak independence – that is more commonly celebrated on October 28. On January 6, 1918, Czech politicians unanimously signed a declaration, calling for a united Czechoslovakia, free from Habsburg rule. While the Habsburg monarchy stepped in and censored the document, some historians credit the so-called Three Kings Declaration with getting the ball rolling towards Czechoslovak independence.

The Washington Declaration
Also known as the Czechoslovak Declaration of Independence, this was a document that was prompted by the imminent collapse of the Habsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire, of which the Czech and Slovak lands had been part for almost 400 years, following the First World War. It was drafted in Washington, D.C., and published by Czechoslovakia's Paris-based Provisional Government on 18 October 1918.

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