Three Must-See Serbian Movies




Three Must-See Serbian Movies

Celebrating the airing of the Serbian TV hit, Black Sun, we have selected three worth-watching movies of this intriguing country. From different genres, these productions have made notable and positive contributions to their country’s cinema. Make sure not to miss them!

The Weight of Chains – 2010

Have you ever wondered why superpowers meddle so much in the internal affairs of other countries? Does it seem strange that someone would want to crush a successful economic structure? How can a country supposedly invade itself? Are you curious about what happens after a "humanitarian" bombing? The Weight of Chains is an amazing documentary that invites you to find the surprising answers.

A Eurochannel exclusive for US television in 2015, this documentary tells an account of the land of the Southern Slavs, which has been more influenced by outside powers than any other region in the world, viciously exploited for centuries and now witnessing the West embarking on a new kind of colonization. A documentary with a different view of the Yugoslav wars.

The Enemy - 2011

War is maybe the worst invention of humankind. Whether the causes might seem right for some, the consequences are always disastrous for civilians, but especially, for those who have to endure the rigors of combat. Arthouse meets thriller in a breathtaking Serbian war and mystery film: The Enemy.

This riveting drama is set in 1995 Bosnia, during the seventh day of peace - an engineering unit is removing mines from the border between the two sides who until recently, were at war. Each of the soldiers is burdened by experiences from the frontline; each is facing his fears in their own way. Some are prone to self-destruction while others are happy to be alive. Some are catatonic due to trauma; others take refuge in prayer.

Kosovo Diary - 2010

Kosovo endured one of the fiercest war attacks in modern history...but what is happening nowadays? Three Serbians venture on an introspective journey to the city to capture their own perceptions and portray them in a very personal diary. This Eurochannel exclusive film, premiered in the US in 2013 proposing a trip to discover the reality of a constantly-changing city.

In Kosovo Diary, three ordinary people from Serbia go on a journey to Kosovo. A student, an actor and a journalist decide to explore this troubled place for themselves. The camera follows them during their journey and discovers the reality of Kosovo through their eyes. Each of them has different motivations: the journalist writes an article; the photographer takes pictures for an exhibition and the actor records his video diary.

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