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Tigers in the City - Juraj Krasnohorský - Slovakia

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Interview with Juraj Krasnohorský (Director, co-scriptwriter and producer)

Interview with Lucia Siposova (scriptwriter and producer)

Slovakia, a thrilling changing history

Tigers in the City (Tigre v meste, 2012)

Director: Juraj Krasnohorský
Cast: Kristína Tóthová, Milan Ondrík, Ľubo Bukový


So you think your friends are a little weird? Eurochannel welcomes you to Slovakia's capital to spend some time in the company of three quirky friends in this heart-warming adventure. When one of them makes the decision to turn his back on his old life style in a bid to seduce the woman of his dreams, he sets in motion the unpredictable forces of chance, fate and destiny leading to an inevitable catastrophe.

Set in Bratislava, Tigers in the City is the first feature film of the young director Juraj Krasnohorský. With the intention of portraying those who are in their 30s beginning to assess life seriously, the director deftly delivers an original comedy with cleverly ingrained characteristics of tragic humor, a Central Europe trademark.

In this engaging story, both indie comedy and detective thriller genres mash-up as we witness the protagonists attempt to find true happiness. Through a series of kooky endeavors, they prove just how tough it can be to be normal in an absurd world. One of the characters seeks love in all the wrong places – and with the wrong woman. To top it all and giving a deliciously thrilling touch, he's also blissfully unaware that he's being stalked by a ruthless hit-man, who also happens to be the husband of the woman he desires.

Eurochannel presents this gripping and unique comedy evidencing the extent to which our destinies are dependent on pure coincidence and chance, constantly navigating the thin line between tragedy and joy.


Three friends, teetering on the edge of their twenties refer themselves as animal names; Badger (Kristina Tothova), Hyena (Milan Ondrík) and Pigeon (Lubomír Bukový). Despite enjoying whiling away hours together in their favorite bar, they all can't help but feel something is missing - each yearning to meet their soul mate.

After years of fantasizing about a woman's voice on the radio, Badger finally decides to try and meet her. Badger's life however, takes on an unexpected twist when his friends discover that a man is trying to kill him. The assassin is a Russian ex-hit-man hired to kill Badger for his work as a state prosecutor against the local mafia. In a bizarre twist, the killer happens to be the husband of the radio speaker, with whom Badger has just started a romance. A fanciful search for love takes on a darker tone when it becomes a race to stay alive...


• The male character of Badger is portrayed by actress Kristina Tothova and the voice is provided by actor Tomas Mastalir.

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