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Time of Honor (Silencio roto, 2001)

Cast: Lucía Jiménez, Juan Diego Botto, Mercedes Sampietro
Director: Montxo Armendáriz
Genre: Drama
Length: 101’


A young woman returns to her hometown after many years in the capital. There, she meets a young blacksmith with a secret. Their love story is impossible but through devotion, belief and resistance, they will overcome the hurdles in their path. Eurochannel premieres Time of Honor, a romantic drama set in the final days of the Spanish Civil War.

Time of Honor follows the story of Lucía and Manuel. When she returns to the small town where she grew up, an instant attraction sparks between both of them. She is back to help at her aunt’s bar and he works as a blacksmith. When they decide to give their romance a go, Lucía discovers that Manuel also supports the guerrillas fighting against Franco’s dictatorship. Now they will not only have to fight for their love but also for their very lives.

Set amidst the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War, between 1944 and 1948, Time of Honor goes beyond the archetypical romantic drama. This production also reveals the fear and horror many Spaniards felt in their fight for freedom against the iron fist of a ruthless dictatorship.

Depicting two opposite realities – that of Franco’s Civil Guard and that of the guerrillas – Time of Honor delivers an honest and raw account of those dire days without taking any sides. It is through the eyes of Lucía and Manuel that we learn about the defeats and joys of the two bands, who thought they were fighting for a better Spain.

Eurochannel invites you to relive one of the most difficult eras in Spain through a romantic story. In the end, we all realize that all we need is love!


Spain, 1944. Lucia returns to her rural village home and reconnects with Manuel, a member of the local resistance against Franco. Despite the risks, she becomes increasingly involved with him. When Franco's Civil Guard pursues Manuel, they flee to the mountains.

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