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Top 5 scandals in Cannes Film Festival

Top 5 scandals in Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes International Film Festival is probably the most important festival in terms of glamour and importance, just competing in those matters with Venice. However, it seems Cannes takes over every film festival in which regards to scandals, with polemical performances or statements from its competitors.

5. The movie which showed Franco’s Spain.

In 1961, the Spaniard filmmaker Luis Buñuel created a political scandal after he presented his movie Vidriana in the Festival. After his return to Spain –under Franco’s dictatorship- and a government authorization to produce a movie in his country, the prolific director did his best to win The Golden Palm. However, after the euphoric happiness of the authorities for winning award, it was discovered that the film revealed the worst of Franco’s regime. Buñuel had to exile forthwith again.

4. Uma Thurman’s basic instincts

In the 2011 edition of Cannes, actress Uma Thurman starred on the perfect scandal for the sensationalist press. During the opening ceremony, the North American actress emulated the exciting scene of Sharon Stone in Basic Instincts, in which she crosses her legs showing off her intimate parts without underwear.

Kristen Dunst

Kristen Dunst

Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier

3. The failure of Sofia Coppola

Daughter of a filmmaker’s family, Sofia Coppola didn’t receive the best reception in the 2006 edition of the festival for her movie Marie Antoinette. Despite the doubtless beauty of the principal actress, Kristen Dunst, the director Coppola wasn’t sensitive enough when it came to treat the life of the infamous French queen and her film was criticized with hardness by the public and the critics.

2. Polemical cuts

A year before of being vetoed for life by the festival’s authorities, Belgian director Lars Von Trier was booed out after his film Antichrist (2009) showed one of the crudest images ever seen on the festival: a woman cutting off her genitals. The scene caused such a commotion that some assistants to the premiere went out of the theatre and others even fainted.

1. “I understand Hitler”

Doubtless, it has been the biggest scandal in all the seventy years of Cannes history. There’s no public figure who dares to say in present days that understands Adolf Hitler and that was Lars Von Trier biggest mistake in 2011 when in an infamous press conference he stated: “I understand Hitler... He's not what you would call a good guy, but I understand much about him, and I sympathize with him a little bit”. He was declared ‘persona non-grata’ by the festival authorities forthwith.

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