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Trapped - Mark Weistra - Netherlands

Trapped (Netherlands, 2015) by Eurochannel



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Interview with Mark Weistra

Interview with Terence Schreurs

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Trapped (Kristen, 2015)

Director: Mark Weistra
Cast: Terence Schreurs, Poal Cairo, Jet Pagnier
Genre: Thriller, Horror, drama


It’s New Year’s Day. Everybody is resting after last night’s celebrations but Kristen is fighting for her life. What was to be a routine day of cleaning at her father’s bar has now turned into a living nightmare. Eurochannel premieres Trapped, a dark horror thriller about a woman facing the most horrifying day of her life.

Trapped promises to frighten you and will do it! In Trapped, it is dark, and Kristen is alone, cleaning up the local bar. The streets are empty as New Year’s Eve parties have ended. An unknown person calls insistently, almost annoyingly, asking her to step outside. Kristen’s boyfriend does not answer the phone, but the voice is at the door, everywhere, and Kristen is alone with her nightmare. The voice knows all her secrets. Who is this? Why is he tormenting her?

Through dark photography, delivering a claustrophobic ambience, director Mark Weistra accomplishes his purpose with his opera prima. Kristen, the protagonist, and the viewers will feel the terror and anguish of being haunted by a frightening stalker. At every ring of the phone, Kristen feels more terrorized by all the mysterious caller knows about her.

The caller just wants to play a game, but then the first drop of blood is spilled and Kristen's world turns into a horrendous hell. She has to find out who is doing this . . . and why.

Eurochannel invites you to feel the thrill of answering a mysterious call. After this one fateful night for Kristen, you will always think twice before picking up the phone!


On New Year’s Day, Kristen (Terence Schreurs) arrives at her father’s bar to clean up after the night before. Then a mysterious figure starts harassing her. He calls, lurks at the door, whistles . . . and seems to know everything about Kristen.

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