Tonight20:20 - 21:55Duel (France)

Tribute to Prokofiev and Rozhdestvensky

The Red Baton

Zdravitsa – Prokofiev Cantanta

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The Red Baton: The Scenes of Musical Life in Stalinist Russia

Director: Bruno Monsaigeon

From 1917 to 1990, the Soviet Union was the focus of a fascinating paradox: In a context of extreme material and psychological hardship, even terror, there flowered some of the richest, most intense musical activity of the twentieth century; brilliant performers, major composers, great orchestras exercised their art during these 70 years in dangerous and precarious conditions that were sometimes grotesque, always gruelling.

Zdravitsa – Prokofiev Cantanta
Originally led by Nikolai Golovanov in 1939, Prokofiev Cantanta had been produced to celebrate Stalin’s 60th birthday. Eurochannel presents the concert written by Serge Prokofiev and directed by Gennady Rozhdestvensky, the Russian Master who was nominated at the Oscar in the Best Music Category for The Bolshoi Ballet in 1957.

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