True Intentions - Darijan Pejovski - Macedonia, Kosovo

True Intentions (Macedonia, Kosovo, 2015) by Eurochannel



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True Intentions (Tri dena vo septemvri, 2015)
Macedonia, Kosovo

Cast: Kamka Tocinovski, Irena Ristic, Salaetin Bilal
Director: Darijan Pejovski
Genre: Thriller, drama
Length: 90’


Jana and Marika meet on a train and quickly become friends. They go to the countryside, in a remote area that holds many secrets about Jana’s past. The time moves slowly and anxiously as their true intentions grow stronger. One by one, the secrets unravel. Eurochannel premieres True Intentions, a psychological thriller that proves even our best friends can hide the darkest secrets.

True Intentions delivers a dark atmosphere and story. In the movie, two completely different women – a prostitute and an avenger, are forced by destiny to help each other in clearing their pasts. Marika kills a man in self-defense. In her escape, she boards a train where she meets Jana - a quiet and shy woman traveling to her countryside cottage. That's a chance for Marika to take refuge. As the days go by in quiet tension, the suspicion between the two women gets stronger.

Drawing inspiration from modern French thrillers like Michael Haneke’s Hidden or Guillaume Canet’s Tell No One, True Intentions goes beyond the archetypes of the genre, it also deals with the implications of domestic and sexual violence.

Eurochannel invites you to be thrilled with a riveting production about vengeance, the secrets we hide, and the roles we play.


Jana and Marika meet on a train and quickly become friends. They go to the countryside, a remote mountain area that holds a lot of secrets about Jana's past. One by one, the secrets unravel. Marika is a murderer on the run, while Jana is on a mission to exact revenge. There is no way out, except helping each other to get what they really want...

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