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Twilight (Long Way Home, 2019)

Cast: Mikhail Gavrilov, Anatoliy Kotenyov, Zoryana Marchenko
Director: Miroslav Malich
Genre: Drama, romance
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 8
Length: 50’


Masha never thought that the man of her dreams would pay attention to her. When fate suddenly smiles upon her, Masha’s life takes a tragic turn. Eurochannel premieres Twilight, a new drama series about the importance of family, love, but ultimately, happiness!

Since Masha was a child, she always believed that love was the most important thing in life. For her, some people are born lucky enough have it effortlessly, like her younger sister Lyalya, a beautiful and artistic heartbreaker adored by the parents. In contrast, Masha has to conform herself with a little – nobody seems to be interested in loving her.

One day her world changes forever when the man of her dreams, a handsome motor racing star sets his eyes and heart on her. When fate suddenly smiles upon her, Masha’s life becomes a mess. Highly suspicious problems and hardships follow each other until a great tragedy occurs!

Twilight not only follows Masha and Oleh love story. In the center of the plot is also the touching tale of a family that will have to overcome poverty, deception, health problems, envy and betrayal. 

Divided in eight poignant episodes, Twilight became one of the most acclaimed TV dramas of 2019 in Eastern Europe by the specialized press. Thanks to the emotional performances of its protagonists and a plot told in different timelines, this romantic drama also became a fan favourite in its home country and Russia.

Eurochannel invites you to meet Masha and her family in this modern Cinderella story. Come discover alongside her who is so eager to break Masha's seemingly ideal life and if she will be able to finally achieve true happiness!

Episode 1:

Masha can’t even imagine that one day Olehher school’s superstar, will pay attention to her. However, fate has different plans: Masha will finally believe she deserves love, and Oleh will go against his parents’ will.

Episode 2:

The beginning of Masha and Oleh’s marriage is quite hard, while Lyalya, her sister, does great – she’s finally found “the love of her life”. Oleh works as a mechanic and Masha builds her career as a financial specialist. However, the happiness they have been striving for so badly is now under threat.

Episode 3:

After the misfortune that befell Masha, Oleh realizes her salvation is in her work. At last, everything is fine in their life: they have a big family and a successful business.

Episode 4:

One after another, Masha is befallen by misfortunes that are obviously not accidental. Oleh is worried about what is going on and tries to protect his family but fails. Now it seems the whole world is trying to ruin their happy family.

Episode 5:

The birth almost ended up tragically, and Masha can’t forgive her husband. Besides, Oleh’s ex has appeared on the horizon.

Episode 6:

Masha’s life in the asylum follows a strict order. Instead of his beloved wife, Oleh now sees a strange woman and loses all hope in her. Masha realizes that her family has learnt to live without her.

Episode 7:

While fishing, Hlib finds a badly beaten young woman abandoned in a forest. She’s at death's door. The man can’t leave her as she reminds him of another woman he couldn’t save. He starts taking care of her and the miracle happens. Masha becomes Medvedev’s salvation and learns to live a new life.

Episode 8:

Masha’s mother, her husband, children, and her sister, substituted her and excluded her from her own family. Masha wishes to return, but first, she has to find out what actually happened to her life.

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