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Underworld Trilogy

Underworld Trilogy

Underworld Trilogy

Underworld Trilogy

Trilogía Underworld

Trilogía Underworld

Trilogía Underworld


From a Gangster Film to Film Noir – The Criminal Genre in Cinema

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Underworld Trilogy (2010)

Director: Minna Virtanen
Cast: Max Ovaska, Martti Suosalo, Mikko Kouki, Ville Haapasalo, Antti Reini


Vesa is an average young man who is caught in an extraordinarily dangerous situation that changes his life forever. It all begins on the night that he proposes to his girlfriend. After she refuses him, Vesa becomes desperate and tries to forget his heartbreak by drinking, but this only leads to more trouble. He gets horribly drunk and involves himself in a fight, accidentally killing another young man. As he is sent to jail, Vesa must face the harsh reality of not only losing his girlfriend, but also his bright future and career.

To survive the unfamiliar, hostile world of criminals and drug trafficking within the prison, all he has are his high intelligence and special computer skills. Surprisingly, this may be enough to keep him safe, as a drug lord offers him protection in exchange for his computer services. It is a deal Vesa cannot refuse and a bargain that will dictate his life in discovering this new, dangerous world.

Highly realistic and well-documented, Underworld Trilogy gives an insight into the Northern European criminal world, one unlike anything we have seen before. The trilogy also stars top actors from the same countries used in filming and combines all the qualities of a classic thriller. It is divided into three stories – Prisoner (5 episodes), Lawyer (3 episodes) and Cop (3 episodes). Suspense, violence, darkness, and a unique Northern-European touch are all elements in Underworld that combine to ignite the screen.


Prisoner - Episode 1

Helsinki police officer Juha Viitasalo (Mikko Kouki) investigates on drug trafficking between Russia and Finland. On the Finnish side, there is Sundström (Martti Suosalo) who is taking care of drug shipping from Russia to Central Europe through Finland. On the Russian side, there is a respectable businessman, Arthur Demidoff (Ville Haapasalo).


Prisoner - Episode 2

Young Vesa (Max Ovaska) is sent to jail. Sundström (Martti Suosalo), who is in the same jail, considers this fresh and bright young man with great interest. They are playing chess together when Sundström offers Vesa to work for him.


Prisoner - Episode 3

Sundström (Martti Suosalo) uses Vesa's (Max Ovaska) special computer skills for particular projects. Little by little, Vesa understands that Sundström is the important man leading the Finnish criminal world from inside prison.


Prisoner - Episode 4

Artur Demidoff (Ville Haapasalo) wants to launch new operations in Russia. He needs to spread wrong information in police organizations. Vesa (Max Ovaska) is forced by Reijo Sundström (Martti Suosalo) to break into the computers of the National Bureau of Investigation.


Prisoner - Episode 5

Young Vesa (Max Ovaska) eventually gets out of jail and with that, out of Sundström's (Martti Suosalo) influence. Sari Viitasalo (Miia Nuutila) manages to close to the plans of Sundström and in the meantime Artur Demidoff (Ville Haapasalo) receives threats and enters into a deep fear for his life.


Cop - Episode 1

Narcotics officer Pekka Manninen must go deep undercover to shut down a brutal Russian drug ring. As he navigates the increasingly blurry line between cop and criminal, he is nearly suspended for beating up a group of drug couriers.


Cop - Episode 2

Manninen finally finds a way into the Russian mafia. Posing as a luxury car exporter, he works his way up the ladder until he is soon in a position to become a boss of the very organization he is trying to expose.


Cop - Episode 3

Pekka Manninen (Antti Reini) is now in charge of every heroin shipment from Finland to Sweden. In the midst of this apparent triumph, everything goes wrong when true identity is suddenly revealed. He must act quickly to control the damage and prevent any more unexpected challenges to his rise to power.


Lawyer - Episode 1

Tomas Mattila (Teijo Eloranta) is a lousy attorney whose life is in shambles. His family has left him and he has no money to pay the bills. His only escape seems to be in the bottle, until he meets his newest client -the beautiful Nina (Linda Zilliacus). At his darkest hour, she comes to him with a lucrative job, which he takes without question. He will soon discover, however, that even a man at rock-bottom can still sink lower.


Lawyer - Episode 2

After a couple of days with his new dream-job, Tomas Mattila soon realizes that he is working for a criminal organization whose influence extends to the most powerful offices in the country. In his haste to turn his life around, he has inadvertently signed himself up as a money-launderer for a criminal enterprise. Worse still, rather than focusing on getting out of his predicament, his mind keeps drifting back to his alluring, and deadly, employer: Nina (Linda Zilliacus).


Lawyer - Episode 3

Tomas Mattila (Teijo Eloranta) has to launder more and more money for his clients. Suddenly he realizes there is no way out of the organization. In a desperate attempt to protect his loved ones, he tries to get his family out of harm's way.


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