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Unforgiven (Aurore, 2017)

Cast: Élodie Bouchez, Lolita Chammah, Aurore Clément
Director: Laetitia Masson
Genre: Crime, drama, mystery
Episodes: 3
Length: 56’


Two children present on a crime scene will see how their lives change forever. One is guilty, the other is a witness. Years later, their paths cross again and things will take a turn for the worse. Eurochannel premieres Unforgiven, a new French miniseries beset with intrigue, tension and thrills!

Unforgiven is a three-part miniseries that explores a distressing subject: child violence. The series follows the story of two girls who every time their paths cross find themselves in a spiral of viciousness and revenge.

Aurore, 10, lives alone with her mother. She often escapes to the surrounding swamplands to play with her friend Chris. One evening, Aurore joins the latter in the playground of their city. They meet two children, Paulo, and his little sister Maya, who have fun in the sandbox munching cakes. Hungry, Aurore tries to take a biscuit from Paulo by force. They exchange blows, anger rises, and Aurore accidentally kills him while his sister watches. Twenty years later the two girls meet. Aurore tries to forget but the other one has never forgotten… when their paths cross again, everything is replayed and one wonders if it is possible to escape from the past.

With elements of modern realism, the series’ main themes include “child bullying, abuse, and the desire to reconstruct one’s life,” according to director Laetitia Masson, who mainly works in feature-length films. Masson’s experience in cinema takes Unforgiven to a great new level in terms of character’s construction and cinematography, bringing to the viewer’s minds modern productions like Fish Tank or This Is England.

Eurochannel invites you to discover the limits of infant violence, and the ultimate extent of our capability of forgiveness!

Unforgiven - E1

Aurore (Mélody Gualteros), a 10-year-old girl, often escapes from her mother to play in the marshes. One evening, she joins two children, Paulo (Mathias Semin) and his sister Maya (Ella Brunetto), who play in the sand. It goes terribly wrong and Paul dies.

Unforgiven – E2

Under a new name, Aurore (Élodie Bouchez) lives with her daughter, Rose (Ambre Hasaj). Now a cook in a restaurant, Aurore dedicates herself to the child she sees as a new opportunity. One morning, a journalist photographs Aurore and reveals her real identity.

Unforgiven – E3

Pretending to be a writer, Maya (Lolita Chammah) finds Aurore (Élodie Bouchez) and convinces her to write a book. One day the worst happens: Maya disappears with Rose (Ambre Hasaj). Danger lurks around Aurore’s life!

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