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Vortex - Gytis Luksas - Lithuania




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Vortex (Duburys/Vortex, 2009)

Director: Gytis Luksas
Cast: Giedrius Kiela, Egle Mikulionyte, Oksana Borbat, Yevgeniya Varenitsa
Genre: Drama


Venture to Soviet Lithuania alongside a rural man who keeps his innocence while trying to blend into a new, alien society. Eurochannel presents one of the most artistic movies to come from Lithuania in the last few years: Vortex.

Black and white has often been choice of art-house filmmakers, and director Gytis Luksas knows how to engage viewers with such aesthetics. In Vortex, a charming adaptation of Romualdas Granauskas' 2003 novel, viewers follow the life of Juzik, starting from his childhood, as he evokes the story of an entire generation of the Soviet period.

Divided in three parts, Vortex is a convincing chronicle of the protracted and traumatic Soviet period of Lithuanian history, a powerful and elemental film that unravels the cruel manner by which a corrupt system can impact human lives.  However, its uplifting message of friendship and hope will remain in viewers’ minds.

Reminiscent of successful modern black-and-white productions like Michel Hazanavicius’s The Artist or Michael Haneke’s The White Ribbon, Vortex received critical acclaim by press and audience, and earned the Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress awards at the 2009 Lithuanian Film Awards. The movie was also Lithuania's official submission to the Foreign Language category at the Academy Awards.

Enjoy a period film that depicts the metaphor of the everlasting circle that life becomes for some people!


The story of a whole generation of the Soviet period is told through Juzik (Giedrius Kiela): his childhood spent in a village, true friendship, work in Soviet Klaipėda, thrilling eroticism, and fatal love. This life story is divided into three parts: a painful childhood experience, an adolescence marked by tragic loss of a best friend, and a surprising adulthood.

Festivals & Awards:

• Lithuanian Film Awards  (2009)  
 - Silver Crane  Best Actress  – Oksana Borbat
 - Best Supporting Actor - Vladimiras Jefremovas
 - Best Supporting Actress –Jurate Onaitite

Airing times

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