Who are the main characters of Black Sun?


      Who are the main characters of Black Sun?



Inspector Stanko Pletikosić

Stanko is a young inspector schooled abroad who tries to apply modern methods and techniques to police research. Older colleagues resist that, but his methods will eventually prove to be worthy.



Inspector Tane

Inspector Andra Tanasijević, nicknamed Tane, is a senior police officer with plenty of experience though seemingly troubled and fond of alcohol. He knows the city and its people very well, relies on his intuition and traditional police methods to solve crimes.



Chief Dimitrijević

Chief of the Belgrade Police, Dimitrijević knows how to balance his needs, the law, and the government demands. He has a resilient character, doing everything he can to keep his position and influence.




Vojin Đukić

Đukić is a government Prosecutor whose wife has been murdered. The situation has made him more cautious than ever before. He is also has a moderate and calculating mind, and his story is the center of this season's events.



General Živković

The General is the right hand of King Aleksandar Karadjordjević. He could be considered the true ruler of Serbia as nothing can be achieved without his approval. Živković keeps all the strings in his hands.



Maja Davidović

Maja is a bank director and wealthy inheritress, enjoys nightlife, parties and decadent life. She was dragged into turbulent waters but managed to find her place in the mystic Thule order. She is a very dangerous player in this game for power!



Alimpije Mirić

A successful entrepreneur, Alimpije could be considered as one of the biggest tycoons of the interwar period. Seen as a reputable trader and benefactor, he is also unscrupulous and will stop at nothing to put the opium trade completely under his control.



Doctor Konstantin Avakumović

Avakumović is a hospital manager and a respected member of the Belgrade elite. He was head of Thule society, one of the most powerful people in Serbia.



General Vrangel

Petar Nikolayevich, also known as the “Black Baron”, is the leader of Russian immigrants who found refuge in the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes after losing all the battles following the October Revolution. His people are known as the “white” or “tsarist” Russians, contrary to the “red” Bolsheviks.



Milan “The Tailor”

He is a war veteran and a former member of special elite forces that took part in many important battles. Milan is a bitter man, disappointed in what his country did become after the Great War. Ill-tempered and extremely cruel to his enemies, but to his subordinates as well. “The Tailor” holds control over the opium trade and business and works for Alimpije, “The Monk”.



Mustafa Golubić

A Serbian Muslim from Herzegovina and James Bond-esque style Soviet spy, Golubić is a man with a hundred faces and 250 passports. He can sneak into homes, shelters and cross borders unnoticed. Mustafa kills people not by merit but by orders of the Soviet Secret Service. This character was inspired on a real-life figure of the same name.



Prince Djordje

The eldest son of King Petar Karadjordjević and his heir by the right of succession, Prince Djordje gave up his throne in favor of his younger brother Aleksandar.He is brave, grumpy, impulsive, always with his people, loved by them more then the King himself, but in the political circles Djordje is known as “the Mad Prince”. He is kept in an asylum, where he seems tto be obsessed with “Black Sun” symbolism, Panslavism and the Thule order doctrine.


Damjan Hadži Arsov

Damjan is a Macedonian revolutionary, leader of Macedonian nationalist organization aiming to acquire freedom from Serbian hegemony. He is a true friend to Tane, whose life he saved during the Great War. A plan exists to free Hadži Arsov from jail, and Tane is in a very unfavorable situation and a many of mixed feelings.



Antonije Milošević “Niški”

Owner of an inn inside Jataganmala, where all the lowlife gathers and where people can get all the most important information or get into serious trouble - if persistent enough. A warm hearted and welcoming neutral-good character, Antonije gets along with everybody. He got his nickname “Niški” because he is from Niš, a city on southern Serbia near the Macedonia border.



Bojana Antić

She is the assistant to alcohol-prone doctor Babić, who works dissecting corpses in the city morgue. Bojana gradually becomes a love interest of young inspector Stanko. Her information often proves to be crucial to their investigation and soon it will turn out that she is more than just a naïve outgoing and nightlife-loving girl.





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