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Wings of Steel - Ján Sebechlebský - Czech Republic

Wings of Steel (Czech Republic, 2018) by Eurochannel



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Wings of Steel (Balada o pilotovi, 2018)
Czech Republic

Director: Ján Sebechlebský
David Svehlík, Lucie Zácková, Antonie Formanová
Genre: Drama, history
Length: 101’


If WWII was hard for this RAF combat pilot, the aftermath was to become worse in his homeland. Eurochannel premieres Wings of Steel, a historical drama based on the real life of a man who sought solace in his country after the war, but found himself battling for his honor and his family.

A story inspired by historical events, in Wings of Steel the main hero is a pilot of the British Royal Air Force. Captain Emil Malík is returning home to his family in 1945 hoping for a happy life after surviving the horrors of war piloting RAF combat aircraft.

Capturing not only the dramatic operations of Malík and his RAF colleagues, but also the coercive campaigns of the Soviet People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs, which tried to gain Malík‘s cooperation at any price, the movie’s secondary storyline is Malík’s relationship with his wife Karla, who has been affected by six years of war. As the wife of a foreign soldier, she had to spend three years in a concentration camp in Svatobořice, and her children had to be taken in by her sister.

Eurochannel invites you to discover the life of those soldiers who fought for the allied forces in WWII through the poignant experiences of Captain Malík. They found themselves in a different society when returning home.


A former RAF captain (David Svehlík) returns home to his family in 1945 hoping for a happy life after surviving the horrors of war piloting combat aircrafts. He will clash against the reality of those he left behind under the overseeing eye of communism within the Iron Curtain.

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