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Working Class Ballet - Roberts Vinovskis - Latvia

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Working Class Ballet (2009)

Director: Roberts Vinovskis


In Working Class Ballet, the young Latvian director Roberts Vinovskis takes viewers deep into the thrilling world of international football. See why fans the world over, from Philosophers to drunken hooligans, love the world’s greatest sport with so much vigour and passion. If you’re new to soccer, or have been wondering what all of the buzz is about, don’t miss this chance to see an artistic and intelligent look at this incredible sport.

There’s more to football than meets the eye: beyond eleven men madly kicking at a ball, beyond the millions of drunken fans screaming in stadiums or at their television sets, almost even beyond explanation, football has changed the face of the world. Working Class Ballet explores the true influence of the sport and explains it in the words of prominent scholars, and by showing dramatic comparisons between the drama of football and the drama of the human condition.

This witty documentary shows football on every level: from amateur players stumbling over a ball in rural Latvia, to the locker rooms of the prestigious Latvian National team. From there we travel all over the world, and see a spectrum of emotions that can only be invoked in the hearts of those who love the sport: see the exultant celebrations in the streets of Lisbon and Paris, and then watch the heart-wrenching disappointments suffered during the European championships; the highs and lows of football are on display, and through this story we may just learn something about society itself.


The European championship football madness, drunken 'experts' at the provincial stadium, the backstage of National team, raving fans at the streets of Paris and Lisbon. Football is a sport and entertainment in which possibly there is more than a simple game. In the Working Class Ballet philosophers, linguists, neuropsychologist, and football coaches contemplate the parallels between football and drama of life, forming an unusual tale on what football is or could be.


• The term “Working Class Ballet” has been widely used across the world and has been attributed to a British sitcom character named Alf Garnett (Till Death Us Do Part, Till Death..., In Sickness and in Health, and chat show The Thoughts of Chairman Alf), created by Johnny Speight.

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