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Italian rocker Zucchero has a monumental career spanning over 30 years and has sold over 40 million records. It is quite an accomplishment for a man that has seen his share of awards and nominations from the World Music Awards and even the Grammys.

Now, the superstar is coming to Eurochannel in an exclusive program that presents a retrospective of the artist's success through his greatest hits including Baila Morena, Senza Una Donna, Miserere, and E' un Peccato Morir.


Adelmo Fornaciari, better known to the world as Zucchero, has achieved a truly worldwide career. For starters, he has sold over 40 million albums worldwide. He has toured many countries on different continents performing in front of millions of people. The style and feeling in his music is something that the entire world shares.

His album 'Blue's' was released in 1987 was the biggest commercial success ever achieved by a rock music album in Italy. He has sung duets with many music legends including with Eric Clapton on 'Wonderful World' and the international hit 'Senza Una Donna' (Without a Woman) with Paul Young. He also worked with Sting, and the Maestro, Luciano Pavarotti.

Zucchero is not only a famous artist but a generous man; he has participated in the Pavarotti & Friends charity gala which is now an annual event.

In November 2010, his album Chocabeck was released. Reviews from critics were very positive and many considered the album to be one of the best, if not the best, album ever written by Zucchero. The album features production from some of music's legend including the producer Don Was (The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Roy Orbison) and the producer Brendan O'Brien (AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam). With this new album Zucchero keeps on following his illustrious and coveted career.


Zucchero is a nickname given to him by one of his school teachers.

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