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Almirante Hotel - Antonio Cuadri - Spain

Almirante Hotel (Spain, 2015) by Eurochannel




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Almirante Hotel (Hotel Almirante, 2015)

Cast: Ana Turpin, Fernando Tato, Rosalía Castro, Xoque Carbajal
Director: Antonio Cuadri
Genre: Drama, romance, crime
Seasons: 1


When a dead woman is found in a hotel room, the destiny of a town changes forever. In a puzzling case involving the hotel’s director, her lover, and the town’s most prominent family, dark secrets and forbidden affairs will shock the core of a conservative society. Eurochannel premieres a new Spanish series Almirante Hotel, an epoque drama about the power of love and the truth.

Set in post-WWII Spain, Almirante Hotel follows the story of a tragic murder. In room 204 of Almirante Hotel, Cristina Sanjuan is found dead. After an early police investigation, all clues point to suicide. It all changes when the town’s newspaper receives a posthumous letter from Cristina providing an explanation to her tragic death. After publishing her shocking words, a new investigation begins to discover the true motives behind her suicide.

Drawing inspiration from other Spaniard TV hits like The Time in Between, Love in Difficult Times and El secreto de puente viejo, Almirante Hotel immerses viewers in a classic romantic drama with a twist. Set in a time when Spanish people had little freedom under the ever-watching eye of the Civil Guard and the Franco dictatorship. In such circumstances, the protagonists of the story find solace in their family, love, and their hope of a better future.

Showing eye-catching landscapes of the mesmerizing Spanish region of Galicia, Almirante Hotel not only delivers a poignant story but also a compelling journey through the ancient streets of towns such as A Coruña and Betanzos, recreating a small town in 1948.

Eurochannel welcomes you to travel back in time to an era where love was the greatest escape from a hard government. In such a challenging environment, a police investigation will draw the line between love, loyalty, betrayal and the truth!

Almirante Hotel E1

A corpse is found in a hotel room and all evidence points to a suicide. As the police investigate, they find a letter revealing clues about the tragedy.

Almirante Hotel E2

The main suspect is interviewed by the police but he denies having a close relationship with the deceased. He is trapped in a dark game of power and revenge.

Almirante Hotel E3

The investigation reveals that the deceased was not as innocent as it appeared and her death is part of a bigger plan of resentment and payback.

Almirante Hotel E4

The story of Rosalía Leal and Javier Aldao comes to an end, revealing Aldao's hidden interest with Rosalía. His obscure intentions will cause deep pain to the main protagonist.

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