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Ambition - Biser A. Arichtev - Czech Republic

Ambition (Czech Republic, 2014 - 2018) by Eurochannel














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Ambition (První republika, 2014 - 2018)
Czech Republic

Director: Biser A. Arichtev, Johanna Steiger Antošová
Cast: Ján Koleník, Markéta Plánková, Jiří Vyorálek
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 48
Length: 79’


It is the end of the Great War and politics and economics are changing across Europe. Empires are falling like dominoes and a new era begins. In such complex times, an aristocratic family's empire is at risk when the two heirs fall in love with the same woman. Eurochannel premieres Ambition, a riveting drama full of mysteries, betrayals and romances.

Ambition is an exciting story of secrets and scandals amongst the upper echelons of the European society in the early 20th Century. When the Valenta family moves to a new neighborhood of Prague as the Great War (or WWI) ends, the return of the family’s youngest son sets in motion a series of events that will have consequences for decades to come as secrets start to unravel.

This period drama stars some of the greatest talents of the country, including Jan Vlasák (famous for his prominent roles in Hostel, The Red Baron and Circus Bukowski). Set on the first years of a new century in the newly formed Czechoslovakia, Ambition transports viewers to an era of profound social changes and lousy morals.

The Valenta family own a car factory in trouble after the war and now face uncertain times and division amongst the patriarch’s children: Jaroslav and Vladimir. Jaroslav, the elder, feels that they should start trading in the black market. Vladimir, the younger, shares neither his brother’s ambitions nor his business philosophy. They have only one thing in common: their love for Klara.

Eurochannel invites you to enjoy a period drama series driven by deadly secrets, murders, passion, betrayals and plenty of romance.

Season 1

Episode 1

Prague. October 1918. The Valenta family moves to a wealthy suburb of the city. It is a new beginning but the sins of their past will haunt them.

Episode 2

In the general post-war misery, the Valenta family also has financial difficulties. Eliska discovers a hidden treasure and an old love tension vibrates between Klara, Jaroslav and Vladimír.

Episode 3

The Valenta family struggles to come to terms with their new house and town. They begin to be haunted by the dark past of the family.

Episode 4

As the Spanish flu kills more people than the whole WWI, even the Valentas are in immediate danger.

Episode 5

Jaroslav is making plans for a family business behind his father. He is also consumed by jealousy and devises a scheme against Vladimir.

Episode 6

Vladimir leaves the family business and sets up a fashion brand with a renowned tailor.

Episode 7

Vladimir aims is to expose the perpetrator of an ancient crime. But a permanent obstacle to his search appears on the scene: it is a police officer.

Episode 8

One of the ladies needs to find a place for an abortion. The only problem is that in this First Republic, abortion is illegal.

Episode 9

The police gather enough evidence against Vacek to charge him with the murder of a security guard. To defend himself, Vacek has documents that compromise the Valenta family.

Episode 10

A wedding is about to change things for the Valentas. Vacek reveals he had the main part of his records of Jaroslav's unfair war deals in the safe and Jaroslav does not know if he will have to go to prison.

Episode 11

Vladimir's fashion company prospers and so does his marriage. Newborn Henry becomes a beacon of their love.

Episode 12

Krystof returns from the USA and brings proof that Lebl never went to America. Instead, Valenta's former coachman arrived in Chicago.

Episode 13

The Zemanek pond is full of investigators. Everyone is shaken, and they are led to believe that Lebl was murdered in the villa after puzzling findings.

Episode 14

District Inspector Mlcoch bites into the case like a bulldog. He reveals to the family what they didn't know about themselves - all the secrets they hid from each other.

Episode 15

The day after the disappearance of Lebl, an insurance company took photographs of the interior of their villa. Do they reveal who killed Lebl, and who cleaned the corpses?

Episode 16

Alois is in prison. He claims that he’d killed Lebl and his motive was greed. Others who have remained at large feel that the danger has not passed.

Ambition E17

The family celebrates Henry's birthday, Vladimir's son. However, the apparent pace of life in Prague does not seem to be reaching the far.

Ambition E18

Vladimir is hiding. He believes that he has finally come up with the key that was decisive in committing Lebl's murder. Klara can no longer bear doubts about who actually killed her parents.

Ambition E19

Vladimir and Krystof don't trust each other, but they cooperate. They search for new evidence but find themselves in a dead-end again.

Ambition E20

Irenka doesn't trust the images that the medium provided in the villa. They did not reveal who killed Lebl, but only who manipulated the body.

Ambition E21

The brothers take turns in prison. Jaroslav manages to escape from Polesi. Both Irenka and Eliska are also at risk.

Ambition E22

Lebl's murderer finds himself in a hunting lure. Vladimír and Klara, Fredy and Krystof, and Alois are the ones left from the family.


Ambition S2 E1

After eight years in prison, Jaroslav returns, determined to get back on the top. He wants to gain a position in the company, recognition, and acceptance in the family.

Ambition S2 E2

Jaroslav's journey to the top is complicated. Even though he gains an important ally in Magdalena, it turns out that it simply will not work without Skvor's consent. Vladimir suspects that the violent events of the past days are not the result of chance.

Ambition S2 E3

Vladimir immerses in the secrets of the war and ends up beaten on the ground in front of all the guests of a reception. Jaroslav needs a loan from the bank to expand the business.

Ambition S2 E4

The whole Valenta family is looking for Irena. Jaroslav finds the legionary king, but even he does not want to tell him anything. An angry Jaroslav quarrels with his brother about Irena.

Ambition S2 E5

Klouda blackmails the Valentas about Fredy's gambling passion. The family can get the money for the first payment only by not paying the Christmas bonuses for their employees.

Ambition S2 E6

Magdalena starts producing a new cocoa liqueur and requires more cars. Marie and Rozarka want to move from the Valentas’ place to a small apartment, but Jaroslav refuses.

Ambition S2 E7

Mlcoch and the Valentas are trying to find a way to find Irena, who was kidnapped by Klouda. But Jaroslav is just tired of sitting, he is used to solving things, not just waiting.

Ambition S2 E8

Jaroslav and Maria admit their partnership. Everyone is trying to start a normal life, although the police are still looking for Klouda, who disappeared again after Irena's abduction.

Ambition S2 E9

Mlcoch investigates Klouda's death. He knows he was guilty of several murders, but justice applies to everyone.

Ambition S2 E10

Orders for car modifications are growing. Jaroslav wants to take another step in the company and produce his car.

Ambition S2 E11

Vladimir accuses Jaroslav of solving the family problems by sabotaging them all. He implies that his brother had something to do with the recent murders.

Ambition S2 E12

Vladimir and Jaroslav quarrel over mutual accusations. Vladimir leaves the villa. Marie also takes on her share of guilt, she has remorse, but Jaroslav reassures her.

Ambition S2 E13

Irena's new race car doesn't perform the way she imagined. Marie also pleads to Jaroslav to reveal everything to Irena, because it could help not only him in the company, but also protect Maria from imprisonment.

Ambition S3 E1

Mlcoch arrests Maria, but has to release her again soon because of Krystof. He recalls the key moments of the main characters from 1918 to the present and seeks answers to the family’s struggles.

Ambition S3 E2

After a year, Irena finds out where Lieutenant Andrle went. Accompanied by her husband, she sees him during a boxing match.

Ambition S3 E3

Magdalena and Skvor wonder who could have poisoned the bottles with methyl in the distillery. Lippi tries to convince Irena that it wasn’t him, but Rudy might be interested in the collapse of the business.

Ambition S3 E4

Vladimir shows more feelings toward Magdalena. Jaroslav wants to ask Maria for her hand and gives her a ring, but family events take a different direction

Ambition S3 E5

Alois forbids Jaroslav from borrowing more money for the business. This will have dire implications in the villa.

Ambition S3 E6

Vladimir consults with the brothers. He wants to return to the villa with Magdalena and ask for her hand.

Ambition S3 E7

Krystof reveals to Jaroslav the secret that Marie hoped would remain hidden forever.

Ambition S3 E8

Jaroslav plans a wedding with Maria but doesn't want to talk about her pregnancy. The crisis between Irena and Hans is deepening.

Ambition S3 E9

Vladimir and Magdalena try to get as much information as possible about weapons among German athletes. Will they find the key to solving all their problems?

Ambition S3 E10

Skvor prepares Magdalena for a speech in front of the deputies when Jaroslav and Maria visit them and invite them to the wedding.

Ambition S3 E11

Jaroslav is furious and suspects that Lippi is playing with them. Does Lippi want to destroy the Valenta family at all costs?

Ambition S3 E12

Kilian wants to testify to the police. Hans von Lippi persuades him not to do it.

Ambition S3 E13

Irena convinces Mlcoch to consider the option that Hans is innocent. But why doesn't Hans want to talk? Who does it protect?

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