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The Village - Barbara Eder - Austria

The Village (Austria, 2015) by Eurochannel

The Village

The Village

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The Village (Kreuz des Südens, 2015)

Director: Barbara Eder
Cast: Andreas Lust, Franziska Weisz, Maria Urban
Genre: Crime, thriller
Length: 90’


The darkest side of a small town comes alive as a police officer seeks solace in his childhood home. There, he realizes that the tranquil place he left once for the capital is any longer the idyllic place he remembers. Eurochannel premieres The Village, a crime thriller full of suspense and twists.

The Village follows the story of Tommy, an outstanding police officer in Vienna who is forced to move to his rural hometown to recover. After a severe head injury during a risky operation against the crime in the capital, he is forced to take some months off duty. As he does, he decides to put his late father’s estate in order and travels to a seemingly paradisiacal small town. Once there, his troubles are far from over.

With a rich variety of characters, The Village portrays some archetypes without falling into the obvious. In this small town, a Romani community runs the local circus. It is there where Tommy’s troubles start as he witnesses a murder during an act. The knife thrower kills the most important businessman in the town.

As Tommy takes on the investigation in an off-duty capacity, he discovers that everyone hides a secret and every year there’s a series of killings. He must play by their rules to unveil the rotten mysteries rooted in the town’s life.

Eurochannel invites you to a thrilling adventure in which a city detective is confused by his old friends and their bizarre behavior. The only question is who is the next victim!

Escaping from trauma, a retired police officer moves to an off-the-map village. He soon discovers that its apparent peace hides something much darker.

Airing times

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