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In the heart of the Baltic countries is Latvia, an unknown but very artistic country which actually enjoyed the wonders of cinema just 6 months after the Lumiere brothers made the first cinema projection in Paris in 1896.


As many other European countries, Latvia endured the rigor of two World Wars and the effects of communism, a historic background that Latvian movies deal with often.


But instead of reading a text on a website, why not to be fully entertained and enjoy Latvian history through grapping movies? With the Eurochannel Google TV / Android app and On Demand service you’re just a click away from enjoying the following films and more!

Fortune’s Favorite

Fortune’s Favorite (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


Fortune’s Favorite is a documentary about the legendary Latvian opera singer Egils Silins. He is one of the most prominent classical musicians the world has ever known, with performances alongside the Frankfurt and Basel operas. He has even performed at the prestigious Savolinna Opera Festival.


Egils Silins was the first Latvian singer to ever perform at the La Scala and the Metropolitan Opera. Silins has won many international competitions and has appeared at the Staatsoper Berlin, the Deutsche Opera Berlin, the theatres of Paris and countless other venues. He has lived the life of a vagabond, with his only true home being the halls of music.

Double Portrait of a Coin

Double Portrait of a Coin (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


Using previously unreleased footage shot by amateurs in the era of 8mm cameras, the film reveals an unseen chapter of Latvian history. Double Portrait of a Coin is a documentary about the simple human lives, and loves, and hopes, and dreams, of the generation that lived in Soviet Latvia.


Klucis, Deconstruction of an Artist (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


A deeply personal look at the life of artist Gustav Klucis, one of the foremost representatives of early 20th century Russian avant-garde. His dramatic life reflects the tragedies facing an entire nation during the oppressive era of Stalinist control. It is a story of boundless ambitions, hope, love and the responsibilities that haunt every artist, even after death.

Working class ballet

Working Class Ballet (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


In Working Class Ballet, the young Latvian director Roberts Vinovskis takes viewers deep into the thrilling world of international football. See why fans the world over, from Philosophers to drunken hooligans, love the world’s greatest sport with so much vigour and passion. If you’re new to soccer, or have been wondering what all of the buzz is about, don’t miss this chance to see an artistic and intelligent look at this incredible sport.

 The Last Soviet movie

The Last Soviet Movie (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


He wants to find out the real story of his ancestors, but they were major players during the Russian Revolution. In The Last Soviet Movie, John F. Romanoff, a writer from Brooklyn, New York must look at the events from the past to know what happened. A comical film, The Last Soviet Movie is a mixture of old westerns with Monty Python. Absurd and radical, the film can be seen as a tribute and satire of old Soviet Action heroes.


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Not many know about the glowing cinema industry Ireland houses but you shouldn’t worry about it.


From the Celtic Tiger to your houses, computers and mobiles, enjoy Irish movies and thrilling stories by using the Eurochannel Google TV / Android app and On Demand service.


These are some of the stories you’ll be moved and thrilled by:


Prosperity (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


A child becomes a mother and the bullied takes on the role of the bully. An alcoholic father is intent on setting an example and an African emigrant seeks to integrate into a hostile society. Plunge deep into the beating heart of Irish culture by meeting four characters, worlds apart and yet united, by their continuous struggle to survive.


Orchestrated by creative geniuses at the hubristic heights of the Celtic Tiger, Prosperity provides a gritty focus on modern European marginal lives. The feature offers a unique and never-before-seen perspective on the reality of modern Irish society. A profound counter narrative perfectly relays the dominant ethos of self-congratulation and conspicuous consumption.



Scapegoat (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


Scapegoat is a dark story based on the real-life murder mystery that has frightened and intrigued the people of Northern Ireland for decades. This exhilarating, hour long film delves into the underbelly of 1950s Ireland, and attempts to shed light on a crime that, to this day, has never been solved.


The case remains unsolved to this day. It has been called Ireland’s “Jack the Ripper” mystery. The more the mystery is explored, the more impenetrable it seems to become. Perhaps, like so many cases, this legendary crime will never be solved.


The Writing in the sky

The Writing on the Sky (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


Dermot Healy, Ireland’s best known poet and memoirist, is the focus of The Writing in the Sky, a beautiful, dreamlike documentary about art, life, and inspiration. Set in a countryside house in the heart of Ireland, this documentary is a once-in-a-lifetime look into the mind of an author who is, according to novelist Pat McCabe, the creator of the “finest memoir written in Ireland in the last 50 years.”


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And the time has come… this blog will finally deal with the mother land of movies. Just imagine the Lumiere brothers in 1895 showing off their new device: a unique machine capable of recording moving images!


Now imagine their surprise if they could see that thanks to their innovations, we all can enjoy French movies on mobile devices, on TVs and on computes, all via Internet!


Indeed many years have passed in French cinema from George Melies to Jean Pierre Jenuet. Along the way, amusing movies and documentaries have been made, and you can enjoy them with the Eurochannel Google TV / Android app and On Demand services.

convoys of shame


Convoys of Shame (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

What is the price of peace? During World War II, the people of France were forced to ask themselves that very question as the Nazi war machine marched through their streets. Forced to collaborate with Hitler in exchange for their safety, the French people were torn between the shame of the conquered, and the very real need to safeguard their nation’s future.



The Novice


The Novice (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Brigitte Bardot was the definition of a bombshell. Her style, sex-appeal, and talent kept her in the hearts, the minds and the fantasies of men all over Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. Now, Eurochannel brings her beauty back to the screen with an uncut broadcast of her 1970 film, The Novices. This film, one of the last of her career, was also one of her greatest, and in this special tribute, a new generation can bask in her grace and elegance.



The Palace of Versallies (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

This 52-minute documentary reveals the secrets and hidden treasures of the Palace of Versailles. Humble abode of three French kings and extravagant personalities such as Marie-Antoinette, this icon of French luxury opens its doors and exposes its treasures. Offering magnificent shots; in and around the palace and scintillating discussions with prominent intellectuals, this documentary provides a unique and exclusive invitation to discover a truly wondrous example of the outer limits of architectural capacity.


The Estate of Versailles (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


This incredibly detailed and visually stunning 52-minute documentary reveals the mysteries and hidden treasures behind the famous Estate of Versailles. It is an epic journey through all the Estate; to The Grand Trianon, The Petit Trianon, the resplendent gardens and Marie-Antoinette's estate, to discover firsthand the secrets behind this symbol of European and French luxury, opulence and monarchy.

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Do the names of Aki y Mika Kaurismäki tell you something? If yes, you can consider yourself as enthusiast of Finnish cinema, and this post is for you! If not, no worries, you’ll know more about Finnish movies soon.


The Eurochannel Google TV / Android app and On Demand service allows you to get more acquainted with the Finnish movies you’ve longed for. These are some of the films and series you can enjoy from our vast movies library.


To watch Finnish movies hasn’t even so closer than a click or fingertip tap away!

Underworld Trilogy


Underworld Trilogy (On Demand) (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Highly realistic and well-documented, Underworld Trilogy gives an insight into the Northern European criminal world, one unlike anything we have seen before. The trilogy also stars top actors from the same countries used in filming and combines all the qualities of a classic thriller. It is divided into three stories – Prisoner (5 episodes), Lawyer (3 episodes) and Cop (3 episodes). Suspense, violence, darkness, and a unique Northern-European touch are all elements in Underworld that combine to ignite the screen.


married to a lie


Married to a Lie (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


What would you do if you found out the person you were about to marry had a hidden agenda? What if you found out about it after their death? This happens to a young bride in the two part miniseries Married to a Lie. She must not only cope with death but also realize that it could have been a blessing in disguise.

Shades of Happiness


Shades of Happiness (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Complicated, hormonal plots take center stage in the comedy drama, Shades of Happiness. This Claes Olsson’s film takes a look at how the pressure created by two women and their biological clocks wreak havoc on their relationships and nearly turn their lives upside down. Filled with zany humor and genuine emotion, Shades of Happiness gives a realistic, if a bit satirical, perspective that is both heartfelt and funny.


Colorado Avenue


Colorado Avenue (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


Set in the years of Finland's independence, Colorado Avenue deals with a young girl's humiliation, shame and respect as she grows up. Forced to leave her home after her father's tragic death, she begins to save money to move to America. She begins what turns into a long journey with many challenges ahead.


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With more than 100 years of history, Estonian cinema is paired in age with the rest of the pioneering countries on this art. But who are the names ruling Estonian movies?


With films that have competed side by side on Estonian box office against The Lord of the Rings, Estonian movies lack neither production quality nor gripping storytelling.


But in spite of going around explaining you about the cinema, here we offer you a list of the Estonian movies you can enjoy with our exclusive On Demand and Google TV / Android app services.

Shop of Dreams


Shop of Dreams (On Demand) (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

After a collapse of a TV company, Alice (Maarja Jakobson), Ada (Anne Reemann) and Jana (Evelin Pang) pick up the pieces of their lives by opening their own shop. Their store, a costume and make-up shop is a place where dreams come to life, and their customers demand nothing less than magic with every order. Despite competition and disagreements, they run their business successfully.


All is well until suddenly their friendship is tested when a love affair takes a fatal turn. In the devastating fallout, their company closes down and the girls find themselves right back at square one, but they are no less determined to fix what’s been broken all over again. The film provides an intriguing picture of the big city, and the people who are struggling to find their identity within.


The Class


The Class: Life After (Series) (On Demand) (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

The Class: Life After deals with the grim aftermath of a tragedy. In Tailing, the Capital of Estonia, a community was shaken to its core by the senseless violence of one fateful day. This film explores the hard truths of the shooting, revealing both the depths of human depravity, and also the immense tenderness that we can be capable of when all else is lost. Each episode reveals a new perspective as the victims struggle to make sense of the violence, figure out who's to blame, or just try to rebuild their shattered lives.


Circus Tour


The Circus Tour (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

What happens when childhood dreams meet with adult reality? The answer lies in this amusing documentary about one of the strangest places to grow up: the circus! With Lauri Viikna as your guide, you’ll witness life inside of the big top, and see how one man’s fantasy can change an entire country.


The circus never had a place in Estonia until now. In the midst of the 21st century, when all over the world circuses are becoming a thing of the past, a man named Lauri Viikna dreams of bringing this fun tradition to his homeland for the very first time. His wish is to finally establish a national circus for his countrymen: Circus Estonia! Sadly, life gets in the way of even the fondest dreams, and public opinion and financial reality are not on Viikna’s side. The troubles all started a few years ago, when a group of animal rights activists formed to fight against the treatment of animals in circuses.

Tallin Spicy Sprats


Tallin Spicy Sprats (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Jaak Kilmi and Kiur Aarma’s fresh documentary tragicomedy Tallinn Spicy Sprats: the Canned Tales investigates the relationship between the city and its residents by recreating the personal stories and dreams of 12 ordinary people. In the film, the stories of the living and dead, memories and city legends, children and skeletons meet. All these different stories are connected by a five-hundred-year-old murder story that occurred in old Tallinn. This old story – a story about justice and equality – is recreated by 12 ordinary Tallinn residents.


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Entertainment galore with the most prominent names of Estonia’s film industry!

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Having passed by multiple regimes, the Czech Republic houses a thrilling and dazzling culture revealed through its movies. A night in Prague, a stroll throughout the countryside… it all sounds good.


Well, now you have the opportunity to experience all that at home in your computer, Google TV, or on the go with our Android app. Don’t miss the opportunity to know more about such a dazzling country and watch some Czech movies and discover the representative names of their industry.



Dreamers (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


Six friends. One city. Six reasons to leave that city behind. They share one common dream: to change their lives, be happy and finally make what they really want a reality. Eurochannel invites you to discover a unique and funny perspective of Czech society with a driving comedy: Dreamers. Will they achieve what they long for?

Wrong side up


Wrong Side Up (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Petr (Ivan Trojan) is a former aircrew member who's no longer flying, but works in an aviation-related dead-end job, loading boxes at an air-cargo company.


He spends his working hours dreaming of re-winning the hand of his former fiancé, Jana (Zuzana Sulajová), who has moved on to another man whose prospects seem better. He spends his off hours surreptitiously observing a female neighbor while his family breaks apart in a humorous way.


The Idiot Returns


The Idiot Returns (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Who is mad or who is sane? Who determines the sanity of one's mind? Live a story of understanding and trust alongside a man whose innocence unsettles everyone around him. The Idiot Returns provides an atypical view of a mental patient and, through him, of life.

Night Owls


Night Owls (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

After her boyfriend unexpectedly breaks up with her because he's been dating her best friend, 19-year old Ofka (Martha Issová) is left to wonder what really matters in life. Wrapped up in her own problems, she takes no notice of the love her closest male friend, Ubr (Jiří Mádl), has for her.


Ofka works night shifts at a 24-hour convenience store, which inevitably brings her in contact with many unique characters. Even these odd experiences, though, don't seem to move her in any way until, one night, the shop is robbed. This assault shakes Ofka out of her lethargy and makes her take a fresh look at the world around her.


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Another day, another country. Yes, as we’ve been doing, it is time to show you more about the movies of a wonderful country with an important cinema industry: Belgium.


As some of you might know, Belgium is the land of the prominent and famous Dardene Brothers. But others might not know that Belgium is the homeland the famous Hollywood star Jean Claude Van Damme and The Smurfs, those blue small little and curious characters which made success worldwide.


But who are the new faces of Belgian cinema? Discover some of them by enjoying some of the modern Belgian movies our On Demand and Google TV services have in store for you.

Hell in Tangier


Hell in Tangier (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Spending deserved time locked up is bad enough but it's even worse for an innocent man to be behind prison bars. This thrilling movie invites you to experience true fear and witness hell on earth. Two innocent Belgian men attempt to clear their names, during a brutal fight for survival in what is undoubtedly the worst time of their lives. Welcome to Hell in Tangier!

The Last Summer


The Last Summer (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Four seventeen-year-old boys lose their innocence during what is to be their last summer together. One of the boys, Rik is fascinated by the enigmatic Sandrine, a blossoming beauty who has just moved into their small village. When the boys hide her from her violent father they become caught up in a web of intrigue that puts their friendship to the test.

Da Capo: Pablo de Saraste: The Devil’s Violin


Da Capo: Pablo de Saraste: The Devil’s Violin (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

This documentary presents Pablo de Sarasate, violinist and the 19th century’s greatest virtuoso. This half-hour program reveals Sarasate’s life and his music, showing countless images of concerts performed alongside Roby Lakatos, Hungarian virtuoso, and Alexei Moshkov, concertmaster of the National Orchestra of Belgium. It includes many revealing interviews with Lakatos and Marie Paula Cantarella, who performed for Queen Elizabeth of Belgium.


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We continue showing you some of the exclusive content you can access via our Google TV / Android App and On-Demand services. And it’s time to focus on a mysterious yet dazzling country through their cinema. It’s time to enjoy Norwegian movies!


Norway has a modest but glowing cinema industry. Despite the drawbacks the country endured during World War II, the cinema industry improved notably thanks to names such as Thor Heyerdahl and Edith Carlmar.


And as we appreciate history, we also love trends. That’s precisely why we have selected some of the most successful Norwegian movies for your pleasure through our On Demand and Google TV / Android services.


These are some of the thrilling and poignant stories you can enjoy.



Torpedo (Google TV and Android devices) (On Demand) (Kindle Fire)

When Terje Jonassen’s wife is murdered, his entire life is flung upside down. Killed with his weapon, the protagonist is the main suspect in his wife’s brutal murder. The vengeful widower is left with the gut-wrenching responsibility of explaining the complex and tragic events to their 5-year old daughter. He begins a chase of tracks left by the killer and in doing so, enters Oslo’s sinister underworld, completely unaware of the raging trials in store.


The Wild Man


The Wild Man (Google TV and Android devices) (On Demand) (Kindle Fire)

Kristoffer Clausen is a 34-year old Norwegian with a remarkable plan. With only his dog, Froeya for company, he intends to live for almost an entire year in the unrelentingly harsh Norwegian wilderness. Overcoming the challenges thrown at him by Mother Nature, he documents his epic tale of survival, eking out an existence like his ancestors, with the help of a few modern tools. The Wild Man is a captivating documentary, showcasing survival techniques and the unquenchable appetite of one man’s thirst for adventure.


Top Gun


Top Gun – Mission Europe (Google TV and Android devices) (On Demand) (Kindle Fire)

Gain an exclusive insight into the covert journey to becoming a jet fighter aircraft aviator. For the first time ever on European television, a filming crew is allowed into the training classes to reveal previously classified war jet secrets.

norwegian cozy


Norwegian Cozy (On Demand) (Kindle Fire)

Norway is known as one of the most perfects societies in the world. However, not everything goes always in the right direction. Eurochannel invites you to discover the difficulties and family dramas in modern Norway with the new series Norwegian Cozy, a poignant drama about not only Norwegian but also world modern family problems.


 Oslo Opera House


The Oslo Opera House (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

An award winning documentary portraying the complications and achievements experienced during the process of building The Oslo Opera House. This film depicts the friends and enemies of the building, the masterminds behind its creative concept, the artists chosen for its opening ceremony and the commanding presence of the venue. A behind the scenes exclusive of one of the most important arts and performances buildings in the whole of Norway.

So if you were wondering where to find some Norwegian movies, you’re in the right place… You’re one click away of enjoying some of the masterminds of modern Norwegian cinema.


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From the country of the Novo Cine movement and Manoel de Olivera straight to your Android / Google TV devices and computes, enjoy the new faces of Portuguese movies.


Portuguese cinema might not be known worldwide but it doesn’t mean it lacks quality. What is more, Portugal has made international blockbuster such as Carlos Cohelo’s O Crime do Padre Amaro (2005), an adaptation of Erca de Queiroz namesake book. But with out On Demand and Google TV / Android app you can discover more!

The Mystery of Sintra


The Mystery of Sintra (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Summer of 1870. Two writers, Eça de Queiroz (Ivo Canelas) and Ramalho Ortigão (António Pedro Cerdeira), decide to write a four-handed whodunit for the daily "Diário de Notícias". Could it be that the story they wrote as fiction is based on a real case? This question fuels the conflict between the two writers and drives them to a nearly fatal duel. Lisbon is in commotion. One crime follows another in a story in which love is stronger than tradition.


Everything happens at a frenzied pace, as in a game. The Mystery of Sintra defies all conventions - it is a bitter comedy of manners and a biting critique of the romantic Portuguese society of the nineteenth century.


The Murmuring Coast


The Murmuring Coast (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Little do we know about the process of Mozambique gaining its independence from Portugal, still, it generates captivating stories of bloodshed and romanticism. Relive the ancient days of European colonialism in Africa.


At the end of the 60s, Evita (Beatriz Batarda) arrives in Mozambique and finds herself in a country devastated by the colonial war with Portugal. She is to marry Luís (Filipe Duarte) who is doing his military service. When Luís leaves to fight, Evita is left alone wandering around the city where she starts discovering how violence changes men... most specifically her husband. Film adaptation of the novel by Lídia Jorge.

The Unknown Islands


The Unknown Islands (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


Eight decades ago, a Portuguese journalist ventured on an expedition across the islands surrounding his country. With more courage than recourses, Raul Brandão sailed to discover what was hidden in these paradises to share with his fellow countrymen in a book recounting his endeavors and findings. The Unknown Islands went on sale in 1926 and now, eighty six years after the original adventure, this thrilling homonym documentary discovers what has changed and what remains the same.


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So we continue presenting you some of the best European cinema on TV and now on-line and on the go. As our service keeps growing, the number of movies keeps growing, meaning there are more options and countries you can discover through their movies. This time the turn is for Sweden.


You all might now about the successful Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy, a literature saga turned into movies with its three worldwide acclaimed pieces: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest. But our On-Demand and Google TV /Android app goes beyond mainstream movies.


By becoming a subscriber of our services you will discover more Swedish movies, actors and directors who follow the leading path paved by the legendary Ingmar Bergman.

Underworld Trilogy


Underworld Trilogy (On Demand) (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Highly realistic and well-documented, Underworld Trilogy gives an insight into the Northern European criminal world, one unlike anything we have seen before. The trilogy also stars top actors from the same countries used in filming and combines all the qualities of a classic thriller. It is divided into three stories – Prisoner (5 episodes), Lawyer (3 episodes) and Cop (3 episodes). Suspense, violence, darkness, and a unique Northern-European touch are all elements in Underworld that combine to ignite the screen.




Wolf (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Are wolves a menace to the human race, or are we a menace to them? The answer might surprise you in Wolf, a shocking film that will forever change the way you look at red-fanged nature. Featuring performances by Sweden’s most renowned actors, this film shows just how feral and animalistic people can truly be.


Klemens (Peter Stormare) is a solitary man taking care of his brother's small herd of reindeer. Klemens lives in communion with nature, changing with the seasons and isolating himself from the bustle of modern life. His nephew Nejla (Robin Lundberg) adores his uncle and wants to follow in his footsteps, despite his parents demands that he abandon this rapidly vanishing way of life. When the family‘s reindeer are viciously attacked by a stray wolf, Klemens and Nejla fight back without concern for the law, caring only about the safety of their dwindling herd.


Wonderful and Loved by All

Wonderful and Loved by All (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)



There's no such thing as a good lie. Even a harmless "white lie" can take on a life of its own, spiraling out of control and causing unpredictable consequences. Discover how far a lie can travel, and the lengths that people will go to in search of their deepest desires.


Bella (Martina Haag) is a self-proclaimed actress with a big head but a rather small list of achievements. She is pushing forty, constantly broke and has very little else to show for herself. To put an end to her bad luck, she decides to take a few “creative liberties” with her CV, pretending she has developed acrobat skills. As luck would have it, the legendary Ingmar Bergman is looking for an actress with just those skills to perform dangerous acrobatics for his new play. Bella gets the role of her life, but her small lies will lead to big consequences.

miss kicki


Miss Kicki (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

What happens when Scandinavian and Taiwanese cultures meet? Discover the surprising answer with a poignant film about a love so powerful that it can transcend cultural and physical barriers. Miss Kicki (Pernilla August) is a forty year old Swedish woman with a penchant for online dating. After a long stretch of bad dates and missed encounters, she finally finds an interesting man on one of her websites. There’s just one problem: Mr. Right (Eric Tsang) lives on the other side of the world.


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A country with a rich historic background, Poland houses a greatly artistic –but not widely known- cinema industry. Two world wars have left marks that can be traced in Polish movies and great examples are the controversial films Man of Marble (1977) and Man of Iron (1981) by Andrzej Wajda, a mastermind of the social realism movement.


But we all known the most important Polish filmmaker is the award winner Roman Polanski. He, leading a group of directors part of the Polish Diaspora has under his credits great blockbusters such as Rosmary’s Baby (1968), Chinatown (1974), The Pianist (2002) and his recent success, The Ghost Writer (2010).


But while Polanski’s success amuses the world, there are some who like us, want to see what happens in the cinema industry inside the country. That’s why now you can also enjoy on-line and on-the-go the new genies of Polish cinema ith the Eurochannel Google TV /Android app and via On Demand.

Mall Girs

Mall Girls

Parents always wonder what their children do when they’re not around and how their children behave with their friends, especially in the complicated and troubled young teenage years.


Fourteen-year-old Alicja (Anna Karczmarczyk) joins a new class in mid-term and she’s lonely in her new environment. One day a classmate invites her to hang out at the new shopping mall, where they can go window-shopping for expensive cosmetics, eat ice cream for lunch, listen to music, stare at elegant people and ... meet potential “sponsors”.


How Much Does the Trojan Horse Weight?


How Much Does the Trojan Horse Weight? (On Demand) (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

New Year's Eve 1999. 40-year-old Zosia (Ilona Ostrowska) is a devoted wife and mother. She loves her second husband Jakub (Michal Zielinski), and her daughter from the first marriage adores her stepfather. But Zosia bears a grudge against her fate; why couldn't she have known Jakub (Michal Zielinski)13 years earlier when she was still young and free? Unbeknownst to her, sometimes on New Year's Eve dreams come true.

After making a wish, Zosia wakes up... in May of 1987.But her travel in time has mixed results. Zosia's first husband is asleep next to her, her daughter has not been born, and Poland is engulfed by communism. What can be done to ensure Zosia's happy ending?

Little Rose


Little Rose (On Demand) (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

A well-known writer (Andrzej Seweryn) has an affair with a beautiful, but much younger woman (Magdalena Boczarska). In spite of indignation caused by their differences in age, wealth and social status, he marries this attractive "girl from nowhere".


Blinded by his emotions, he doesn't suspect that there may be more to this relationship than meets the eye: His so-called beloved has secretly been seeing another man (Robert Więckiewicz), with whom she shares a dangerous secret


Prime Minister


Prime Minister (On Demand) (Kindle Fire)


Politics are a dirty game no matter where you are. The hit Polish series, Prime Minister, takes viewers into the seedy underbelly of Poland's political reality. This gritty show shines a light on the secrets of European politics, and the personalities of the politicians who stand at the head of modern democracy.


Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland uses her experience from shows such as The Wire and Cold Case to bring her audience into a fictional world that one might mistake for their own reality. The gritty realism experienced in each episode is reminiscent of The West Wing and The Wire.

 General Nil


General Nil (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)

Witness the exciting life of Poland's most legendary, and controversial, general: Emil August Fieldorf, better known as "General Nil". Nil's life has long been a taboo subject, but now, for the first time in history, a Polish filmmaker has dared to reveal the truth about this historical legend's fierce life and untimely death.


The film takes place between 1947 and 1953 and reconstructs the last years of general August Emil Fieldorf, best known as General Nil (Olgierd Lukaszewicz). Nil was the legendary commander of Armia Krajowa Kedyw, and was falsely accused of treason and sentenced to death by the communist regime. The film shows his return from the prisoners-of-war camp in the USSR, arrest, interrogation, and finally his execution.


With a Warma Heart

With a Warm Heart (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


Even the richest man in the world can get sick. In With a Warm Heart, director Krzysztof Zanussi tells the story of Konstanty, an unscrupulous businessman who, despite his immense wealth, can’t buy his way out of a rare and deadly heart condition. That doesn’t mean he won’t try, though, and woe to anybody who stands in his way.


This is the story of Konstanty (Bohdan Stupka), a businessman who, for the first time in his life, is faced with a problem he can’t buy off: A serious heart condition. Only an immediate transplant can save him. Konstanty is taken to hospital to wait for a donor. Fearing that one will not be found in time, and convinced that his wealth gives him control over his fate, he decides to take matters into his own hands.


 The Lullaby

The Lullaby (On demand) (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


Residents and visitors of a picturesque Mazurian village start disappearing under mysterious circumstances. As with all suspense films, the plot thickens with the arrival of two inquisitive detectives.


Their trail leads them in circles as the innocent victims keep disappearing into thin air until finally the sleepy little town's dark secret is slowly revealed. This dark, hilarious, and engrossing tale is full of unexpected turns and twists, making The Lullaby a frightfully funny movie.

 The Wedding

The Wedding (Google TV and Android devices) (Kindle Fire)


A day that is supposed to be filled with joy and love becomes a disastrous occasion where no one is safe. This laugh-out-loud comedy was a box office smash in Poland and now you can see for yourself why it got the whole country laughing.


Kasia (Tamara Arciuch) gets pregnant outside of marriage and her father bribes Janusz (Bartlomiej Topa) to marry her in order to not shame the family. The problem is he promises Janusz a car he doesn't have, so he hires local gangsters to get the car for him. The gangsters arrive at the wedding reception with the stolen car asking for their money and everything that could possibly go wrong does and turns into a hilarious disaster.



Now that you know some of the new names of the booming Polish movies and some of their blockbusters, don’t forget to try out the Eurochannel Google TV and Android app to enjoy the best Polish and European entertainment. Remember you can get a 7-day free trial Here !


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Watch German movies online - Wilkomen! Subscribe

Well, as we started with Italy, we’re going to go thru some of the most important countries to show you more of their film industry, as well as what you can watch on-line at home or on-the-go.


This time the turn is for Germany. They have also an important tradition in filming. Who doesn’t remember the thrilling yet impressive expressionist film Nosfersatu, a masterpiece by Wilhelm "F. W." Murnau? Many years have passed since, but the quality of German cinema keeps surprising.


In recent years, you’d remind hits like The Life of the Others, The Experiment and Downfall. But we go further the box offices and bring to your houses and hands even more.


These are some of the German films you can enjoy with the Eurochannel Google TV /Android app and via On Demand.

Fantastic Rome

The Day of the Cat (On Demand) (Kindle Fire)


Inspired by true experiences of Swiss author Thomas Hürlimann, the film tells an absorbing tale of love and political power. The film grants a personal and unique insight to the life of a statesman, portraying the Swiss Federal President's last two days in office. While preparing for a royal state reception in honor of the Spanish King, an intrigue is planned behind his back with the intentions of causing his downfall. Private interests and the struggle for political power clash with turbulent consequences, in a dangerous cocktail of highly explosive forces.


Thrill yourselves on a discovery of how dangerous the political atmosphere can be, even in a country, famed for its neutrality, like Switzerland.


13 Semesters

13 semesters (Google TV / Android Devices) (Kindle Fire)


Who hasn't wondered whether the decisions made and the career paths chosen to study at university were the right ones... or just a terrible mistake? Plunge headlong into this hilarious comedy offering a fresh and witty perspective on the matter. Find, along with Momo, the answer of the question and celebrate his long-awaited graduation... he's been studying for only 13 Semesters!


Bored by the little village where he lives in and afraid of ending up in the kitchen of his parents' hotel, Momo (Max Riemelt) decides to leave the rural area to go and study in the city. Alongside his friend Dirk (Robert Gwisdek) who excels academically and with his room-mate Bernd (Alexander Fehling), Momo discovers a brand new side to life outside the campus.


Lollipop Monster

Lollipop Monster (Google TV / Android Devices) (Kindle Fire)


Ariane (Jella Haase) and Oona (Sarah Horvath) are two 15-year-old girls from two dysfunctional families, absolute opposite and yet sharing much of the same anguish. Ari feels she is misunderstood and compensates for this by having sex with unknown men; Oona expresses the pain over her beloved father's suicide through self-mutilation and morbid drawings.


Opposites attract and their unlikely friendship helps them survive the hypocrisy of their families. Ari finally gains some kind of self-respect while Oona learns how to constructively vent to her pain. Then something happens that shakes their friendship to its very core....


Evet I do

Evet, I do (Google TV / Android Devices) (Kindle Fire)


The biggest minority in Germany comes from Turkey, a land between East Europe and the Middle East with cultural differences as huge as its territory. What could happen when religion and ideologies cross its paths with love in a central European country? Find the answer in Evet, I Do.


Dirk (Oliver Korittke) is German, a son of secular parents who have never married. He is in love with a Turkish woman he met at University. He has a different situation: the girls' father not only insists that Dirk convert to Islam, but that he and his parents jump through a number of hilarious hoops to become worthy of the bride.



Parkour (Google TV / Android Devices) (Kindle Fire)


Parkour is a drama about Richie (Christoph Letkowski), a young man and his group of friends in an unnamed industrial town in Germany. When he meets Hanna (Nora von Waldstätten), he immediately has a crush on her.


The film is a captivating story of friendship, love, and jealousy and deals with the urban sport Parkour, the physical discipline of training in which the 'traceur' has to overcome obstacles within his or her path in the most creative possible way.


A hero´s Welcome

A Heros’s Welcome (Google TV / Android Devices) (Kindle Fire)


The happiness of David's return after being on duty in the Afghan War rapidly turns into depression and sadness. Despite the warm welcome from his girlfriend and mother, he cannot cope with his deepest nightmares and his past life in a tranquil German town. Suddenly, his family realizes that psychological wounds are much deeper than the physical ones.


A Hero's Welcome features a realistic and puzzling look at the delicate subject of post-traumatic stress disorder among young soldiers back from the battlefield.


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As you might already know how our Google TV application and On Demand service work, it’s time you learnt some more about the shows you can get. This time we’re going to focus on our Italian movies, series and documentaries.


Italy is a country of great cinema tradition. Big names such as Roberto Rossellini, Federico Fellini, Roberto Benigni and Pier Paolo Pasolini and their work are testimony of great wisdom and image poetry.


As always, new talents try to emerge among the big names and Eurochannel has been there to gather the best ones and bring them to you on TV and now, in this on-line venture, on Google TV and with our On Demand Service.


From Italy, heres a glance of what you can enjoy.


Fantastic Rome

Fantastic Rome (On Demand) (Kindle Fire)


Under the guidance of Luigi Cozzi, cult director, we invite the public to see a different side of Rome: one that is far away from the tourist guide-books. Starting from the catacombs, passing by the Pantheon and Piazza Navona and ending at Cinecittà, Cozzi retraces the history of the city through the B-movies of the 70’s produced by the likes of Dario Argento, Michele Soavi, Mario and Lamberto Bava.

All Natural – The Women Who Make Organic Wine

All Natural – The Women Who Make Organic Wine (Google TV / Android Devices) (Kindle Fire)


Four organic wine producers talk about their lives, their work as mothers, winegrowers and businesswomen, each telling her story in a different season and a different phase of work in the vineyard or winery.


Though completely different, the four women share the same passion for wine and roots with their homeland. Devoid of the bucolic idealization of farm work, the film gives an accurate portrait of the women by following them in their daily routine, capturing their movement, faces and words.

Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro (Google TV / Android Devices)(Kindle Fire)


Let your heart strings vibrate to the passionate lyrics of Tiziano Ferro. This pop sensation has won international success as Italy’s most romantic singer.


In 2011, after releasing four studio albums, multiple award-winner Tiziano Ferro returned to the spotlight with his newest hit album L'amore è una cosa semplice. Eurochannel invites you to experience Ferro for yourself: Let the music take you away.


Isola, where Bacchus' language is spoken (Google TV / Android Devices) (Kindle Fire)


What better place to relax with a nice cold drink than a traditional Italian bar? Eurochannel is proud to present a brand new documentary about a magical place in the heart of Milan, Italy: The Cantine Isola.


Meet the owners of this one-of-a-kind pub, laugh along with the mischievous adventures of their customers, and enjoy a nice glass of delicious Italian wine.

 Cooking in Tuscany  

Cooking in Tuscany (Google TV / Android Devices) (Kindle Fire)


Tuscan cuisine is an art. Appreciated across the world for its naturally savory ingredients, these Mediterranean delights are as wholesome as they are delicious. Using nothing but simple ingredients like olive oil, pasta, fish and fine meat, local chefs can create exceptional dishes.


Learn the secrets of real and authentic Italian cooking straight from the chefs!

Don’t forget to try out the Eurochannel Google TV and Android app to enjoy the best European entertainment at home or on-the-go. If you haven’t done it so, you can get a 7-day free trial Here !


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Eurochannel On Demand open Subscribe

Did you check out the new On Demand section on Eurochannel website?

Did you check out the new On Demand section on Eurochannel website?


So now that you know what’s do we have in store to offer you, we would like you to let you know that it’s fully working and ready for you to try it. But now you must be wondering… What sort of programs do I have access to? Well, here’s the answer!


First, we find worthy to tell you that all On Demand and Google TV programs are full-length, uncut, and most of them have an HD version. So don’t think you’re watching a shortened version of your favorite series, documentary or film. You just watch it commercial-free!


Amongst the TV series, there are options for every like. Politics, action, mystery, suspense, family comedies and dramas, and more are ready to be watched.




Underworld Trilogy


Underworld Trilogy (Finland); Highly realistic and well-documented, Underworld Trilogy gives an insight into the Northern European criminal world, one unlike anything we have seen before.



Underworld Trilogy


- Prime Minister (Poland): Politics are a dirty game no matter where you are. The hit Polish series Prime Minister from Academy Award nominee Agnieska Holland takes viewers into the seedy underbelly of Poland's political reality.



Norwegian Cozy


- Norwegian Cozy (Norway): Discover the difficulties and family dramas in modern Norway with the new series Norwegian Cozy, a poignant drama about not only Norwegian but also world modern family problems.



The Class


- The Class (Estonia): A gripping TV series on the aftermath of a brutal shooting in a high school.


All series are also organized by playlists so you don’t have to stop and select the new episode. You can enjoy a full series marathon with no interruptions.


Love history or travelling to unknown places and ancient times in an entertaining way? Our Euromagazine selection won’t let you down with shows like Highland Clans (Scotland): The highlands and islands of Scotland have been shaped by centuries of clan history. They have a past overflowing with countless tales of bloodshed and bravery, rivalry and revenge. Travel back in time and know the engaging history of the Highland Clans!


But how about films? There are also options for everybody. Moving stories, treachery tales, true-story based stories, and more are ready for you. Films like The Two Lives of Andres Rabadan (Spain) will keep you amazed till the end. Based on a true story, and written with the help of Rabadán himself, this ground-breaking film takes viewers into the twisted world of a murderer, and shows how art can exorcise even the most terrifying personal demons.


If you have any doubts, please have your say in the comments option below. For noe, keep enjoying!

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European movies On Demand and on Google TV

Entertainment quality from Europe is a bit difficult to find on TV nowadays. That’s why Eurochannel is committed to go beyond TV screens in this era of smartphones, tablets, broadband and super high speed connections on the go. Now, you can access to a wide library of TV series, documentaries, films and music content from all over Europe on-line.


Now, this blog will be dedicated to update you on all related our on-line and on-the-go content so you can check which artist is going to be the next hit or discover or next premieres. Welcome to the new era of European entertainment!

European movies On Demand and on Google TV


But what’s all this buzz about? Let us explain you. We have two on-line streaming services you can access according to your preferences. If you’re an on-the-go person, love tablets and are always tapping on your smartphone, our Android app might be the perfect solution. But the Eurochannel Android app goes further, you can also access to it via Google TV, enhancing your TV experience with a library of over 150+ programs… all from Europe! So enjoy the best European programming available with Eurochannel for your Google TV, and download Eurochannel from Google Play. You can also download the Eurochannel app on your Kindle Fire.

European movies On Demand and on Google TV

There’s also an option for the most refined likes.
The new Video OnDemand service offers to all viewers movies, documentaries and series in original version with subtitles. With Eurochannel On Demand , you can freely choose the video they want to watch among a wide selection of programs. This way, they can directly and instantly watch your favorite program on your computer. Each video is available for rent for 48 hours through Dailymotion so there’s plenty of time to watch it over and over again.


Keep tuned in this blog for more updates on our Google TV and On Demand services. Welcome to the new era of European entertainment!

So enjoy the best European programming available with Eurochannel for your Google TV, and download Eurochannel from Google Play.

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