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3 Iconic Movies about Charming Professors



3 Iconic Movies about Charming Professors

To celebrate the premiere of Unseen, we profile 3 iconic movies about charming professors and their affairs with their students.

Spinning Man (2018)
In addition to being a respected professor at a prestigious university, Evan Birch is a devoted father and a popular professor of philosophy. When a female student called Joyce vanishes, Evan's previous extramarital affairs cause his wife to doubt his alibi. Detective Malloy, a tough cop, has even more cause to be skeptical after vital evidence implicates Evan in her disappearance.

Submission (2017)
Starring Stanley Tucci, a reputable professor who is also a well-known novelist and a devoted spouse loses himself when he becomes fixated on a driven and gifted student.

The Rewrite (2015)

Keith Michaels, who won an Oscar for his screenplay for "Paradise Misplaced," now has to deal with being turned down by Hollywood. He must accept the job he despises the most, teaching, in order to make a breakthrough. The job is at a college, which is outside his comfort zone and might lead to a new life for him. He falls for a single mom taking classes there.

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